Geology of Ore Deposits, 2014, V 56, N 6.

 Geochemistry of Mantle Metasomatism Related
 to Formation of Kimberlites
 in the Northern East European Platform  
 A. V. Kargin 
 p. 409   
 Kordonnoe Scheelite?Sulfide Skarn Deposit:
 Criteria of Relations to Igneous Rocks 
 Differing in Age  
 G. D. Fedoseev, V. A. Pakhomova, V. I. Gvozdev, N. V. Zarubina, 
 S. Yu. Buravleva, and V. B. Tishkina 
 p. 431   
 Chemical and Radiation Stability of 
 244Cm-doped Aluminate Perovskite  
 T. S. Livshits, A. A. Lizin, and S. V. Tomilin 
 p. 440   
 Role of Magmatic and Fluid Concentrating in 
 Formation of Platinum Mineralization 
 in the Lower Zone and Platreef As Follows 
 from Composition of Phlogopite, Cumulus 
 Silicates, and Sulfide Melt, the Northern 
 Limb of Bushveld Complex  
 M. A. Yudovskaya, J. A. Kinnaird, L. V. Udachina, 
 V. V. Distler, and D. V. Kuz?min 
 p. 451   
 Morphology of Orebodies and Genesis of 
 Uranium Deposits in the Khiagda Ore Field  
 B. T. Kochkin, A. A. Novgorodtsev, 
 N. N. Tarasov, and V. G. Martynenko 
 p. 479   
 Late Paleozoic Metallogenesis and Evolution
 of the East Tianshan Orogenic Belt 
 (NW China, Central Asia Orogenic Belt)  
 Chunming Han, Wenjiao    Xiao, Guochun Zhao, 
 Benxun Su, Patrick Asamoah Sakyi,
 Songjian Ao, Bo Wan, Jien Zhang, and Zhiyong Zhang