Geology of Ore Deposits, 2011, V 53, N 6.

Main Aspects of the Theory of Ore-Bearing Weathering Mantles in the 21st Century  
N. S. Bortnikov, Yu. Yu. Bugel?sky, A. D. Slukin, V. M. Novikov, and G. O. Piloyan 
p. 435   
Linear Ore-Bearing Weathering Zones and Paleoplacers of the Kokshetau Massif, 
North Kazakhstan   
F. A. Letnikov and E. F. Letnikova 
p. 447   
Isotopic and Geochemical Features of Newly Formed Zircon Rims As a Criterion
for Identification of Feeding Sources of Ti-Zr Placers   
A. A. Kremenetsky, N. A. Gromalova, E. Belousova, and L. I. Veremeeva 
p. 455   
Placer Diamond Potential of the Siberian Craton: Possible Sources and Ages  
V. P. Afanasiev, N. P. Pokhilenko, and S. S. Lobanov 
p. 474   
Vostok-2 Gold-Base-Metal-Tungsten Skarn Deposit, Central Sikhote-Alin, Russia  
S. G. Soloviev and    N. N. Krivoshchekov