Geology of Ore Deposits, 2009, V 51, N 6.

Redox Potential of the Khibiny Magmatic System and Genesis 
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I. D. Ryabchikov and L. N. Kogarko 
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The Gold–Silver Okhotsk–Chukotka Volcanic Belt 
A. A. Sidorov, A. V. Volkov, V. F. Belyi, 
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Phanerozic Bauxite Epochs 
B. A. Bogatyrev, V. V. Zhukov, and Yu. G. Tsekhovsky 
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Assemblages and Genesis of Platinum-Group Minerals in Low-Sulfide Ores 
of the Monchetundra Deposit, Kola Peninsula, Russia 
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Mineral Composition of Uranium Ore at the Dalmatovo Deposit, Russia 
O. A. Doinikova, I. N. Solodov, and M. B. Chertok 
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Lead Isotopic Composition from Data of High-Precession MC-ICP-MS and Sources
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Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Quartz Veins and Host Rocks
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