Geology of Ore Deposits, 2008, V 50, N 6.

 Constraints of the Formation of Carbonatites in the 
 Chernigovka Massif, Azov Region, Ukraine 
 I. D. Ryabchikov, L. N. Kogarko, S. G. Krivdik, 
 and T. Ntaflos 
 p. 423  

 Physicochemical Factors of Formation of Au-As, Au-Sb, 
 and Ag-Sb Deposits 
 G. G. Pavlova and A. A. Borovikov 
 p. 433  

 Rare Earth Elements in Tourmaline and Chlorite 
 from Tin-Bearing Assemblages: Factors Controlling 
 Fractionation of REE in Hydrothermal Systems 
 N. S. Bortnikov, N. V. Gorelikova, P. G. Korostelev, 
 and V. G. Gonevchuk 
 p. 445  

 Mineralogy of Morphogenetic Types of Ferromanganese 
 Deposits in the World Ocean 
 O. Yu. Bogdanova, A. I. Gorshkov, G. V. Novikov, 
 and Yu. A. Bogdanov 
 p. 462  

 Stability of Artificial Ferrite Garnets with 
 Actinides and Lanthanoids in Water Solutions 
 T. S. Livshits p. 470  

 Deposition and Remobilization of Uranium in 
 the North Baikal Region:  Evidence from the U-Pb 
 Isotopic Systems of Uranium Ores 
 V. N. Golubev, L. B. Makar'ev, and L. V. Bylinskaya 
 p. 482  

 Innovation Processes in Technologies for the Processing 
 of Refractory Mineral Raw Materials 
 V. A. Chanturiya 
 p. 491