Geology of Ore Deposits, 2019, V 61, N 5.

Selenga Ore District in Western Transbaikalia: 
Structural–Minerogenic Zoning, Genetic Types of 
Ore Deposits, and Geodynamic Settings of Ore Localization
I. V. Gordienko, R. A. Badmatsyrenova, 
V. S. Lantseva and A. L. Elbaev 
p. 391  

Age, Composition, and Sources of Rocks and Ores of 
the Okunevskoe Fluorite–Leucophanite Deposit, 
Western Sayan: Assessment of the Contribution 
of Magmatism to Ore Mineralization
D. A. Lykhin, V. V. Yarmolyuk and 
A. A. Vorontsov 
p. 422  

“Invisible” Gold in Synthetic and Natural 
Arsenopyrite Crystals, Vorontsovka Deposit, 
Northern Urals
E. V. Kovalchuk, B. R. Tagirov, I. V. Vikentyev, 
D. A. Chareev, E. E. Tyukova, M. S. Nikolsky, 
S. E. Borisovsky and N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 447  

Akkalkan Deposit of Bentonite Clays, 
Southeast Kazakhstan: Formation 
Conditions and Prospects for Technological Use
V. V. Nasedkin, N. M. Boeva and 
A. L. Vasil’ev 
p. 469  

Geology of the Chernogorskoe Gem-Quality 
Scapolite Deposit (Central Pamirs, Tajikistan)
A. K. Litvinenko, S. B. Moiseeva, 
Sh. A. Odinaev and V. A. Utenkov 
p. 481