Geology of Ore Deposits, 2010, V 52, N 5.

 Jubilee of Academician Dmitrii    Vasil'evich Rundqvist, 
an Eminent Scientist-Geologist 
p. 337  
The Sarylakh and Sentachan Gold?Antimony Deposits, Sakha-Yakutia: 
A Case of Combined Mesothermal Gold-Quartz and Epithermal Stibnite Ores  
N. S. Bortnikov, G. N. Gamynin, O. V. Vikent'eva, 
V. Yu. Prokof?ev, and A. V. Prokop'ev 
p. 339  
Properties of Nano- and Microparticles Emitted into the Environment
from Open-Pit Mining of Iron Deposits  
V. V. Adushkin, P. G. Weidler, A. N. Dubovskoi, 
L. M. Pernik, S. I. Popel, and F. Friedrich 
p. 373  
The Outlook for the Discovery of New Types of Economic Uranium Deposits
in the Kodar-Udokan Zone of the Transbaikal Territory in Russia  
L. B. Makar'ev, Yu. B. Mironov, and S. K. Voyakovsky 
p. 381  
 Mineralogy and Formation Conditions of Ore from the Biksizak Silver'Base-Metal
Occurrence in the South Ural, Russia  
O. Yu. Plotinskaya, E. O. Groznova, A. I. Grabezhev, and K. A. Novoselov 
p. 392   
Predictive Crystal-Chemical Relations in Ti-Silicates Based on the TS Block  
E. V. Sokolova 
p. 410  

Short Communications A New Method for Primary Evaluation of the Outlook for Rare Earth Element Ores V. V. Seredin p.428