Geology of Ore Deposits, 2009, V 21, N 5.

Bauxite Provinces of the World 
B. A. Bogatyrev and V. V. Zhukov 
p. 339  

Magmatogenic Manganese Ores of the South Minusa
 Intermontane Trough 
E. G. Kassandrov and M. P. Mazurov 
p. 356  

Mineralogy and Formation Conditions of Ores in the 
Bereznyakovskoe Ore Field, the Southern Urals, Russia 
O. Yu. Plotinskaya, E. O. Groznova, V. A. Kovalenker, 
K. A. Novoselov, and R. Seltmann 
p. 371  

Equilibriums between Cu, Fe, and Zn Sulfides and Oxides
in Chloride Solution: A Thermodynamic Study 
N. I. Strelítsova 
p. 398  

Development of a Graphic Database for an Analytical
 Information System for Rapid 
Estimation of Gold Deposits on the Basis of 
Choice of a Reference Object 
I. A. Chizhova, M. M. Konstantinov, and S. F. Struzhkov 
p. 414  

Memorable Dates On the Centennial of the Birth of Professor Dmitrii Gavrilovich Sapozhnikov p. 422