Geology of Ore Deposits, 2008, V 50, N 5.

The Antei Uranium Deposit: A Natural Analogue of an SNF Repository 
and an Underground Geodynamic Laboratory in Granite 
N. P. Laverov, V. A. Petrov, V. V. Poluektov, R. M. Nasimov, 
J. Hammer, A. A. Burmistrov, and S. I. Shchukin 
p. 339
The World-Class Natalka Gold Deposit, Northeast Russia: 
REE Patterns, Fluid Inclusions, Stable Oxygen Isotopes, 
and Formation Conditions of Ore 
N. A. Goryachev, O. V. Vikent'eva, N. S. Bortnikov, 
V. Yu. Prokof'ev, V. A. Alpatov, and V. V. Golub 
p. 362    
The Kuzha Barite-Base-Metal Deposit 
V. A. Filippov 
p. 391  
The Talgan Massive Sulfide Deposit, the Southern Urals, Russia, 
as an Example of Subseafloor Ore Deposition from Magmatic Fluid 
E. E. Amplieva 
p. 404