Geology of Ore Deposits, 2016, V 58, N 4.

Global Trends in the Evolution of Metallogenic
Processes as a Reflection of Supercontinent Cyclicity
A. V. Tkachev and D. V. Rundqvist 
p. 263   
Gold–Silver Mineralization in Porphyry–Epithermal
Systems of the Baimka Trend, Western
Chukchi Peninsula, Russia
Yu. N. Nikolaev, I. A. Baksheev, V. Yu. Prokofiev, 
E. V. Nagornaya, L. I. Marushchenko, Yu. N. Sidorina, 
A. F. Chitalin and I. A. Kal’ko 
p. 284  
Lebediny Gold Deposit, Central Aldan: 
Mineral Parageneses, Stages, and Formation Conditions
M. G. Dobrovol’skaya, M. V. Razin and 
V. Yu. Prokof’ev 
p. 308  
Concentration of Ore Elements in Magmatic 
Melts and Natural Fluids as Deduced from 
Data on Inclusions in Minerals
V. B. Naumov, A. V. Girnis, V. A. Dorofeeva 
and V. A. Kovalenker 
p. 327  
Ruby–Sapphire–Spinel Mineralization in Marble
of the Middle and Southern Urals: Geology,
Mineralogy, and Genesis
A. Yu. Kisin, V. V. Murzin, A. V. Tomilina 
and M. E. Pritchin 
p. 344