Geology of Ore Deposits, 2007, V 49, N 4.

 Dynamic Classification of Alluvial Gold 
 Placers in the Northeast of Russia 
 Yu. I. Goldfarb p. 241  
 Metasomatism and Ore Formation at Contacts 
 of Dolerite with Saliferous Rocks 
 in the Sedimentary Cover of the 
 Southern Siberian Platform 
 M. P. Mazurov, S. N. Grishina, 
 V. E. Istomin, and A. T. Titov 
 p. 271  
 Molybdenum Mineralization in the Ores 
 of the Tigriny Tin Deposit (Primorye, Russia) 
 S. M. Rodionov, A. A. Schnaider, 
 N. P. Romanovsky, and V. G. Gurovich 
 p. 285  

 Geology and Genesis of the Cheremshanka 
 Silica Deposit, Western Transbaikal Region, Russia 
 D. I. Tsarev, V. K. Khrustalev, V. I. Gal'chenko, 
 and D. Ts. Ayurzhanaeva 
 p. 297  

 Mineralogy of Diamonds from the Ozernaya 
 Pipe, Ottorzhenets Body, Pervomaiskaya
 and Novogodnyaya Veins, Yakutia 
 N. N. Zinchuk and V. I. Koptil 
 p. 308  

 Bortnikovite, Pd4Cu3Zn, a New Mineral Species 
 from the Unique Konder Placer Deposit, 
 Khabarovsk Krai, Russia 
 A. G. Mochalov, M. D. Tolkachev, Yu. S. Polekhovsky, 
 and E. M. Goryacheva 
 p. 318  


Mikhail Mikhailovich Konstantinov (on His 70th Birthday) p. 328