Geology of Ore Deposits, 2022, V 64, N 3.

Main Features of the REE Metallogeny through Geological Time
A. V. Tkachev, D. V. Rundqvist and N. A. Vishnevskaya 
p. 41  

Genesis of Barite–Galena Ores at the Ushkatyn-III Deposit, 
Central Kazakhstan: Analysis of Geological, Mineralogical, 
and Isotopic (δ34S, δ13C, δ18O) Data
A. I. Brusnitsyn, S. A. Sadykov, E. N. Perova and 
O. S. Vereshchagin 
p. 78  

Minerals and T–P parameters of the Evolution of the 
Lukkulaysvaara Gabbro–Norite Massif, North Karelia
A. R. Kotelnikov, N. I. Suk, Z. A. Kotelnikova 
and Yu. B. Shapovalov 
p. 104  

Mineral–Geochemical Features of Paleoproterozoic 
Gold–Copper–Sulfide, Noble Metal-Copper–Uranium, 
and Noble-Metal–Copper–Uranium–Vanadium Deposits 
and Ore Occurrences of Karelia
L. V. Kuleshevich and O. B. Lavrov 
p. 123  

Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Setting 
of the Ore-bearing Granite Conglomerate of the 
Western Qinglong Uranium Ore Field in the 
Shigaizi Region and its Relationship 
with Uranium Mineralization
Li Yan, Nie Fengjun, Sun Xiang, Song Peng, 
Zhang Xiaoyong and Yan Zhaobin 
p. 144