Geology of Ore Deposits, 2011, V 53, N 3.

Formation Stages of the Unique Sangaredi 
Bauxite-Bearing Group, Futa Jallon-Mandingo
Province, West Africa  
V. I. Mamedov, A. A. Chausov, and A. I. Kanishev 
p. 177   
Ore Potentiality of the Vanchin Graben, Primorye, Russia  
V. V. Seredin and I. Yu. Chekryzhov 
p. 202   
Deposition of Finely Disseminated Gold Mineralization
in Black Shales: A Hypothesis
of Microstructural Control   
A. A. Pek, V. I. Malkovsky, and Yu. G. Safonov 
p. 221   
Mineralogy of Metamorphosed Carbonatite 
of the Vesely Occurrence, Northern 
Transbaikal Region, Russia   
E. I. Lastochkin, G. S. Ripp, and A. G. Doroshkevich 
p. 236   
Chronology (SHRIMP II) of Magmatism in the Kalguty 
Ore-Magmatic System, Gorny Altai, Russia   
N. I. Gusev 
p. 248   
40Ar/39Ar Age of Adularia from Veins of the 
Tokur Gold Deposit, the Mongolian-Okhotsk
Orogenic Belt, Russia   
A. A. Sorokin, N.    S. Ostapenko, 
V. A. Ponomarchuk, and A. V. Travin