Geology of Ore Deposits, 2009, V 51, N 3.

The Dal’negorsk Borosilicate Skarn Deposit, Primorye, Russia: 
Composition of Ore-Bearing Solutions and Boron Sources 
V. A. Baskina, V. Yu. Prokof’ev, V. A. Lebedev, 
S. E. Borisovsky, M. G. Dobrovol’skaya,
A. I. Yakushev, and S. A. Gorbacheva 
p. 179  

Ore Belts of the Greater Altai and Their 
Ore Resource Potential 
B. A. D’yachkov, D. V. Titov, and E. M. Sapargaliev 
p. 197  

Forecasting of Technogenic Placer Dynamics 
in the Shore Zone of the Sea on the Basis 
of Numerical Modeling: The Case of the Val’kumei Deposit 
A. V. Lalomov and S. E. Tabolich 
p. 212  

Factors Determining Origination of Gold Ore Systems 
in the Russian Far East 
L. V. Eirish 
p. 223  

Structural Defects in Natural Plastically Deformed Diamonds: 
Evidence from EPR Spectroscopy 
R. M. Mineeva, S. V. Titkov, and A. V. Speransky 
p. 233  

Chromatographic Study of Formation Conditions of 
Rhombododecahedral Diamond Crystals 
E. I. Zhimulev, V. M. Sonin, A. I. Chepurov, 
and A. A. Tomilenko 
p. 243  
Determination of the Thermodynamic Properties of 
Compounds in the Ag–Au–Se 
and Ag–Au–Te Systems by the EMF Method 
E. A. Echmaeva and E. G. Osadchii 
p. 247