Geology of Ore Deposits, 2008, V 50, N 3.

 Transport Species and Accumulation of Chemical 
 Elements in Hydrothermal Fluids 
 B. N. Ryzhenko 
 p.†155 †
 Estimation of the Time of Magma Chamber  Solidification 
 beneath the Strelítsovka Caldera and Its Effect on the Nonstationary 
 Temperature  Distribution in the Upper Crust, 
 the Eastern Transbaikal Region, Russia 
 V. I. Malíkovsky, A. A. Pek, A. P. Aleshin,  and V. I. Velichkin 
 p.†192 †  

 Ore-Bearing Hydrothermal Metasomatic  Processes in the Elbrus 
 Volcanic Center,  the Northern Caucasus, Russia 
 A. G. Gurbanov, O. A. Bogatikov, A. Ya. Dokuchaev, 
 V. M. Gazeev, S. S. Abramov, E. O. Groznova,  and A. V. Shevchenko 
 p.†199 †  

 Mineral Assemblages of Titanium-Zirconium  Sands at the Central Deposit, 
 the East European Platform 
 N. G. Patyk-Kara, E. N. Levchenko, A. I. Stekhin,  V. V. Barsegyan, 
 A. A. Bochneva, I. A. Chizhova,  E. A. Andrianova, and V. T. Dubinchuk 
 p.†218 †  

 Criticism and Bibliography 
 Nonmetallic Mineral Resources
 B. A. Bogatyrev 
 Industrial Minerals and Scientific and 
 Technological Progress 
 V. V. Nasedkin 
 Memorable Dates 
 Academician Nikolai Alekseevich    Shilo (On His 95th Birthday)