Geology of Ore Deposits, 2007, V 49, N 3.

 Natural and Artificial Minerals as Matrices 
 for Immobilization of Actinides 
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 p. 173
 Estimation of Loading Density of 
 Underground Well Repositories 
 for Solid High-Level Radioactive Wastes 
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 p. 194  
 Cavitation Separation of Nano- and 
 Microscale Monomineral Fractions 
 from Polymineral Microparticles 
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 and S. I. Popel 
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 New Technologies of Comprehensive 
 Recovery of Valuable Components 
 from Minerals: Current Status and Further Progress 
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 Feldspathic Metasomatic Rocks from the 
 Lermontovo Deposit, Primorye, Russia 
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 Composition of Fluid Inclusions from Intrusive Rocks 
 of the Norite-Cortlandite Complex, Kamchatka 
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Criticism and Bibliography
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