Geology of Ore Deposits, 2020, V. 62, N. 2.

On the 90th Anniversary of IGEM RAS
Valunistoe Epithermal Au–Ag Deposit (East Chukotka, Russia): 
Geological Structure, Mineralogical–Geochemical 
Peculiarities and Mineralization Conditions
A. V. Volkov, V. Yu. Prokof’ev, S. F. Vinokurov, 
O. V. Andreeva, G. D. Kiseleva, A. L. Galyamov, 
K. Yu. Murashov and N. V. Sidorova 
p. 97  

Geochemical Characteristics of Volcanogenic Deposits and 
Exhalation Mineralization in the Crater Part of the 
Active Kudryavy Volcano (Iturup Island of the Kuril Arc)
A. G. Marchenko, A. A. Volfson, M. V. Morozov, 
N. S. Khrol, G. S. Steinberg and M. G. Steinberg 
p. 122  

Variability of Alunite Quartzite Composition as 
a Reflection of the Characteristics of Its Genesis
A. Z. Vdovets 
p. 138  

The World’s Largest Fouta Djallon–Mandingo Bauxite
Province (West Africa): Part I. Background
V. I. Mamedov, A. A. Chausov, E. A. Okonov, 
M. A. Makarova and N. M. Boeva 
p. 163