Geology of Ore Deposits, 2015, V 57, N 2.

Evolutionary and Geological Factors Controlling
Endogenic Uranium Mineralization 
and the Potential for the Discovery
of New Ore Districts  
G. A. Mashkovtsev, A. K. Miguta, 
and V. N. Shchetochkin 
p. 85   
The Kurba?Eravna Ore District of Western 
Transbaikalia: Geological and Geophysical 
Structure, Types of Ore Deposits, 
Predictive Assessment, and Mineral-Resource Potential  
I. V. Gordienko and M. A. Nefed?ev 
p. 101   
Comparative Analysis of Ore-Bearing 
Structures in Maiskoe, Markha, and Ozernoe 
Kimberlite Bodies at the Nakyn Field, Yakutia  
P. A. Ignatov, K. V. Novikov, A. M. Shmonov, 
A. N. Razumov, and O. K. Kilizhikov 
p. 111   
Rhenium in Ores of the Mikheevskoe Porphyry 
Cu?Mo Deposit, South Urals  
O. Yu. Plotinskaya, A. I. Grabezhev, and R. Seltmann 
p. 118   
Native Gold of the Borovik Ore Field, 
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)  
V. Stefanova, A. V. Volkov, T. Serafimovski, 
and A. A. Sidorov 
p. 133   
Distribution of Global Fallouts Cesium-137 
in Taiga and Tundra Catenae
at the Ob River Basin  
I. N. Semenkov, A.    A. Usacheva, 
and A. Yu. Miroshnikov