Geology of Ore Deposits, 2014, V 56, N 2.

 Effect of Petrophysical Properties and Deformation
 on Vertical Zoning of Metasomatic Rocks
 in U-Bearing Volcanic Structures: A case of the
 Strel’tsovka Caldera, Transbaikal Region  
 V. A. Petrov, O. V. Andreeva, 
 and V. V. Poluektov 
 p. 81   
 Localization of Mineralization, Its Age, 
 and Relationship to Magmatism at the Mogot 
 Silver–Base-Metal Deposit, North Stanovoi 
 Metallogenic Zone in the Southeastern
 Framework of the North Asian Craton  
 I. V. Buchko, Ir. V. Buchko, A. A. Sorokin, 
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 Iron Redistribution during Postore Stage at Uranium Deposits 
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 Yasny Lode–Placer Cluster: Geological and 
 Structural Features and Gold Potential  
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 Formation of Metastable Graphite Inclusions
 during Diamond Crystallization
 in Model Systems  
 D. V. Nechaev and    A. F. Khokhryakov