Geology of Ore Deposits, 2011, V 53, N 2.

Mineralogy and Ore Formation Conditions of the Bugdaya Au-Bearing W-Mo 
Porphyry Deposit, Eastern Transbaikal Region, Russia  
V. A. Kovalenker, G. D. Kiseleva, T. L. Krylova, and O. V. Andreeva 
p. 93   
 Volkovsky Deposit of Titanomagnetite and Copper-Titanomagnetite Ores 
with Accompanying Noble-Metal Mineralization, the Central Urals, Russia  
Yu. A. Poltavets, Z. I. Poltavets, and G. S. Nechkin 
p. 126   

Complex Mineralization at Large Ore Deposits in the Russian Far East  
A. A. Schneider, Yu. F. Malyshev, M. V. Goroshko, and N. P. Romanovsky 
p. 140   
 Na2CO3-Bearing Fluids: Experimental Study at 700C and under 1, 2, and 3 kbar
Pressure Using Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Quartz   
Z. A. Kotel'nikova and A. R. Kotel'nikov 
p. 156   


Research on Fluid Inclusions in Minerals: Current State and Future Outlook V. Yu. Prokof'ev and S. Z. Smirnov p.171