Geology of Ore Deposits, 2008, V 50, N 2.

 Tectonodynamics of Fluid-Conducting Structural Elements and Migration 
 of Radionuclides in Massifs of Crystalline Rocks 
 V. A. Petrov, M. Lespinasse, and J. Hammer 
 p. 89    

 A Technique of Reduction of Core Samples of 
 Uranium Ore to Their Natural Redox State 
 I. N. Solodov and M. B. Chertok 
 p. 112  
 Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Deposits in 
 the Rift Zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 
 Yu. A. Bogdanov, I. V. Vikent'ev, 
 A. Yu. Lein, O. Yu. Bogdanova, 
 A. M. Sagalevich, and A. V. Sivtsov 
 p. 119  
 Micro- and Nanoparticles of Zincite and Native Zinc 
 from Disseminated Mineralization of Metasomatic 
 Rocks in the Dukat Ore Field 
 L. G. Filimonova and N. V. Trubkin 
 p. 135  

 Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Characteristics 
 of the Karalar (Gazipasa, Antalya) Barite-Galena 
 Deposits, Southern Turkey 
 A. Gokce and G. Bozkaya 
 p. 145