Geology of Ore Deposits, 2017, V 59, N 1.

The Schlema–Alberoda Five-Element Uranium Deposit, Germany: 
an Example of Self-Organizing Hydrothermal System
G. B. Naumov, B. P. Vlasov, V. N. Golubev and 
O. F. Mironova 
p. 1  

Geology, Composition, and Physicochemical Model of 
Sparry Magnesite Deposits of the Southern Urals
M. T. Krupenin and A. B. Kol’tsov 
p. 14  

Formation of Pt-Bearing Western Pana Pluton on 
the Kola Peninsula: Fluid Regime as Deduced 
From Helium and Argon Isotopic Compositions
V. A. Nivin and T. V. Rundqvist 
p. 36  

Distribution of Indium in Ores of Some Base Metal 
and Tin–sulfide Deposits in Siberia and 
the Russian Far East
I. V. Gaskov, A. G. Vladimirov, A. I. Khanchuk, 
G. A. Pavlova and V. I. Gvozdev 
p. 56  

Gold–Quartz Deposits of the Zhdaninsky Ore–Placer 
Cluster, Eastern Yakutia: Structural Control 
and Formation Conditions
V. V. Aristov, I. I. Babarina, A. V. Grigor’eva, 
V. Yu. Alekseev, V. Yu. Prokof’ev, 
A. A. Uzyunkoyan, O. V. Zabolotskaya 
and S. G. Titov 
p. 68