Geology of Ore Deposits, 2016, V 58, N 1.

Thematic lssue
Ore Formation in Mafic-Ultramafic Complexes  
Part II   
(dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of N. K. Vysotsky)
Guest Editors: Marina A. Yudovskaya and Sarah-Jane Barnes Chemical Composition and Osmium-Isotope Systematics of Primary and Secondary PGM Assemblages from High-Mg Chromitite of the Nurali Lherzolite Massif, the South Urals, Russia K. N. Malitch, E. V. Anikina, I. Yu. Badanina, E. A. Belousova, E. V. Pushkarev, and V. V. Khiller p. 1 PGE Distribution in Sulfide Ores from Ultramafic Massifs of the Central East Sayan Mountains, Southern Siberia, Russia T. B. Kolotilina, A. S. Mekhonoshin, and D. A. Orsoev p. 20 Low-Sulfide PGE Ores in Paleoproterozoic Monchegorsk Pluton and Massifs of Its Southern Framing, Kola Peninsula, Russia: Geological Characteristic and Isotopic Geochronological Evidence of Polychronous Ore?Magmatic Systems V. V. Chashchin, T. B. Bayanova, F. P. Mitrofanov, and P. A. Serov p. 37 Magmatogene Fluids of Metal-Bearing Reefs in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa: Based on Research Data on Fluid Inclusions in Quartz L. M. Zhitova, J. A. Kinnaird, M. P. Gora, and E. P. Shevko p. 58