Geology of Ore Deposits, 2015, V 57, N 1.

Problems in Estimation of the Formation Depth of Hydrothermal Deposits 
by Data on Pressure of Mineralizing Fluids  
V. Yu. Prokof?ev and A. A. Pek 
p. 1  
The Agan Epithermal Gold?Silver Deposit and 
Prospects for the Discovery
of High-Sulfidation Mineralization in Northeast Russia  
A. V. Volkov, N. E. Savva, A. A. Sidorov, E. E. Kolova,
I. A. Chizhova, and V. Yu. Alekseev 
p. 21   
Fahlores Compositional Zoning in a Porphyry?Epithermal
System: Biksizak Occurrence,
South Urals, Russia as an Example  
O. Yu. Plotinskaya, A. I. Grabezhev, 
and R. Seltmann 
p. 42  
Chemical Evolution of Pyrite at the Kopylovsky
and Kavkaz Black Shale-Hosted Gold Deposits,
Bodaybo District, Russia: Evidence from 
EPMA and LA-ICP-MS Data  
E. E. Palenova, E.    V. Belogub, O. Yu. Plotinskaya, 
K. A. Novoselov, V. V. Maslennikov, 
V. A. Kotlyarov, I. A. Blinov, A. A. Kuzmenko, 
and I. G. Griboedova