Geology of Ore Deposits, 2012, V 54, N 1.

Confinement Matrices for Low- and 
Intermediate-Level Radioactive Waste  
N. P. Laverov, B. I. Omel'yanenko, 
S. V. Yudintsev, and S. V. Stefanovsky 
p. 1   
Deep Structure and Metallogeny of the 
Kirovograd Polymetallic Ore District, 
the Ukrainian Shield: Correlation 
of Geological and Seismic Data   
V. I. Kazansky, O. F. Makivchuk, 
N. I. Popov, G. M. Drogitskaya, 
V. I. Starostenko, A. A. Tripol'sky, 
and M. V. Chicherov 
p. 17   
Catagenesis of Terrigenous Rocks in 
the Neoproterozoic Intracratonic Sedimentary Basins 
and Its Effect on the Formation 
of Unconformity-Type Uranium Mineralization   
O. V. Andreeva 
p. 41   
Zirconium-Titanium Placers of the Voronezh 
Anteclise: Types, Epochs and Factors 
of Formation, and Forecast   
A. D. Savko, A. E. Zvonarev, and D. A. Ivanov