Geology of Ore Deposits, 2010, V 52, N 1.

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Academician Nikolai Pavlovich Laverov, Eminent Scientist 
and Geologist Celebrates His 80th Birthday 
p. 1 

A Comprehensive Study of the Spread of Radioactive Contamination 
in the Geological Medium Near Lake Karachai, Chelyabinsk oblast 
N. P. Laverov, V. I. Velichkin, V. I. Malkovsky, N. N. Tarasov, and 
Yu. P. Dikov p. 5   

Model of Heat and Mass Transfer by Fluid during Formation of Mo–U Deposits 
in the Strel’tsovka Ore Field, Eastern Transbaikal Region: Forced Convection 
of Solutions Generated by a Deep Source 
V. I. Malkovsky, A. A. Pek, A. P. Aleshin, and V. I. Velichkin 
p. 14   

Wall-Rock Argillic Alteration and Uranium Mineralization 
of the Northwestern Strel’tsovka Caldera 
O. V. Andreeva, V. A. Golovin, and V. A. Petrov 
p. 32   

Isomorphism of Actinides and REE in Synthetic Ferrite Garnets 
T. S. Livshits 
p. 46   

Au-Bearing Gabbro–Tonalite–Granodiorite–Granite Plutons of the Urals: Age, 
Geochemistry, and Magmatic and Ore Evolution 
G. B. Fershtater, V. V. Kholodnov, A. A. Kremenetsky, A. A. Krasnobaev, 
N. S. Borodina, E. A. Zin’kova, and S. V. Pribavkin 
p. 58   

Criticism and Bibliography 
Platform Magmatism: Geology and Minerageny 
N. I. Eremin