Geology of Ore Deposits, 2009, V 51, N 1.

Anomalous Structures of Geochemical Fields of 
Hydrothermal Gold Deposits: Formation Mechanism, 
Methods of Geometrization, Typical Models, 
and Forecasting of Ore Mineralization 
V. G. Voroshilov 
p.†1 †

The Chailag-Khem Fluorite-Barium-Strontium 
Rare Earth Carbonatite Occurrence, 
the Western Sayan Range, Russia 
A. V. Bolonin, A. V. Nikiforov, 
D. A. Lykhin, and A. M. Sugorakova 
p.†17 †

Potassium Basalts and Picrobasalts from the 
Devonian Kimberlite Fields 
of Western Yakutia, Russia, and Their Relations
to Kimberlite Magmatism 
A. I. Kiselev, V. V. Yarmolyuk, and K. N. Egorov 
p.†33 †

The Taloveis Gold Deposit in the Precambrian 
Kostomuksha Greenstone Belt, Karelia 
L. V. Kuleshevich and V. N. Furman 
p.†51 †

Method of Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in 
Quartz in Experimental Study 
of the Water-Sodium Sulfate System 
Z. A. Kotelínikova and A. R. Kotelínikov 
p.†68 †

Criticism and Bibliography 
Mineral Economics 
B. A. Bogatyrev