Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 9, 1 May.

Non-conservative behavior of bromide in surface
waters and brines of Central Andes: 
A release into the atmosphere?  • 
Francois Risacher, Bertrand Fritz and Hugo Alonso
Pages 2143-2152

Seasonal changes in D/H fractionation 
accompanying lipid biosynthesis in 
Spartina alterniflora  • 
Alex L. Sessions
Pages 2153-2162

Speciation and solubility of heavy metals 
in contaminated soil using X-ray 
microfluorescence, EXAFS spectroscopy, 
chemical extraction, and 
thermodynamic modeling  • 
Tatiana A. Kirpichtchikova, Alain Manceau, 
Lorenzo Spadini, Frederic Panfili, 
Matthew A. Marcus and Thierry Jacquet
Pages 2163-2190

The effects of organic acids on the 
dissolution of silicate minerals: A 
case study of oxalate catalysis of 
kaolinite dissolution  • 
Jordi Cama and Jiwchar Ganor
Pages 2191-2209

The oxidation states of copper and 
iron in mineral sulfides, and the 
oxides formed on initial exposure 
of chalcopyrite and bornite to air  • 
Siew Wei Goh, Alan N. Buckley, 
Robert N. Lamb, Richard A. Rosenberg 
and Damian Moran
Pages 2210-2228

Sources and fate of amino sugars 
in coastal Peruvian sediments  • 
Jutta Niggemann and Carsten J. Schubert
Pages 2229-2237

Mass-dependent fractionation of 
quadruple stable sulfur isotope 
system as a new tracer of sulfur 
biogeochemical cycles  • 
Shuhei Ono, Boswell Wing, David Johnston, 
James Farquhar and Douglas Rumble
Pages 2238-2252

The role of citrate and phthalate 
during Co(II) coprecipitation with calcite  • 
Young J. Lee and Richard J. Reeder
Pages 2253-2263

Early diagenesis of trace metals 
(Cd, Cu, Co, Ni, U, Mo, and V) in the 
freshwater reaches of a macrotidal estuary  • 
Stephane Audry, Gerard Blanc, Jorg Schafer, 
Gwenaelle Chaillou and Sebastien Robert
Pages 2264-2282

Carbon isotope effects associated 
with mixed-acid fermentation of 
saccharides by Clostridium papyrosolvens  • 
Holger Penning and Ralf Conrad
Pages 2283-2297

Antimonous acid protonation/deprotonation 
equilibria in hydrothermal solutions to 300 °C  • 
V.P. Zakaznova-Herzog and T.M. Seward
Pages 2298-2310

Equation of state of the H2O, CO2, 
and H2O–CO2 systems up to 10 GPa and 
2573.15 K: Molecular dynamics simulations 
with ab initio potential surface  • 
Zhenhao Duan and Zhigang Zhang
Pages 2311-2324

Pb diffusion in monazite: An 
experimental study of 
Pb2++Th4+2Nd3+ interdiffusion  • 
Emmanuel Gardes, Olivier Jaoul, 
Jean-Marc Montel, Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume
and Richard Wirth
Pages 2325-2336

The structural behavior of ferric and 
ferrous iron in aluminosilicate glass 
near meta-aluminosilicate joins  • 
Bjorn O. Mysen
Pages 2337-2353

Paleozoic ages and excess 40Ar in garnets 
from the Bixiling eclogite in Dabieshan, 
China: New insights from 40Ar/39Ar 
dating by stepwise crushing  • 
Hua-Ning Qiu and J.R. Wijbrans
Pages 2354-2370

Identification of isotopically primitive 
interplanetary dust ps: A NanoSIMS 
isotopic imaging study  • 
Christine Floss, Frank J. Stadermann, 
John P. Bradley, Zu Rong Dai, Sasa Bajt, 
Giles Graham and A. Scott Lea
Pages 2371-2399

High-pressure phase equilibria and 
element partitioning experiments on 
Apollo 15 green C picritic glass: 
Implications for the role of garnet
in the deep lunar interior  • 
David S. Draper, S. Andrew duFrane, 
Jr., Charles K. Shearer, 
Rachel E. Dwarzski and Carl B. Agee
Pages 2400-2416

Announcement: 69th Annual Meeting 
of the Meteoritical Society  • 
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