Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1998, V 62, N 8, Apr.

pp. 1295-1306
Simple mechanistic models for inhibition of a dissolution reaction
J Ganor

pp. 1307-1317
Behaviour of rare Earth elements in seawater at the ocean margin:  
A study along the slopes of Sagami and Nankai Troughs near Japan
J Zhang

pp. 1319-1328
Effect of oxygen of degradation rate of refractory and labile 
organic matter in continental margin sediments
G Hulthe

pp. 1329-1345
Organic matter preservation on continental slopes:  Importance of
mineralogy and surface area
B Ransom

pp. 1347-1365
Biochemical distributions (amino acids, neutral sugars, and lignin phenols)
among size-classes of modern marine sediments from the Washington coast
RG Keil

pp. 1367-1380
Radiocarbon studies of organic compound classes in plankton and sediment of
the northeastern Pacific Ocean
XC Wand

pp. 1381-1396
Amorphous silica precipitation (60oC to 120oC):  Comparison of laboratory and
field rates
S Carroll

pp. 1397-1406
Biosynthetic effects on the stable carbon isotopic compositions of algal 
lipids: Implications for deciphering the carbon isotopic biomarker record
S Schouten

pp. 1407-1418
Molecular characterization of some enigmatic Lower Devonian fossils
GD Abbott

pp. 1419-1442
Mega-chondrules and large, igneous-textured clasts in Julesberg (L3) and other
ordinary chondrites:  Vapor-fractionation, shock-melting, and chondrules
A Ruzicka

pp. 1443-1458
Fayalitic halos around inclusions in forsterites from carbonaceous chondrites
X Hua

pp. 1459-1468
39Ar-40Ar ages and thermal history of mesosiderites
DD Bogard