Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 8, 15 April.

Microscale controls on the fate of contaminant 
uranium in the vadose zone, 
Hanford Site, Washington  • 
James P. McKinley, John M. Zachara, 
Chongxuan Liu, Steven C. Heald, 
Brenda I. Prenitzer and Brian W. Kempshall
Pages 1873-1887

Computer simulation of electron 
transfer at hematite surfaces  • 
Sebastien Kerisit and Kevin M. Rosso
Pages 1888-1903

Pressure effects on the reduced 
partition function ratio for 
hydrogen isotopes in water  • 
V.B. Polyakov, J. Horita and D.R. Cole
Pages 1904-1913

The effect of pH and ionic strength 
on proton adsorption by the thermophilic 
bacterium Anoxybacillus flavithermus  • 
Peta-Gaye Burnett, Hannah Heinrich, 
Derek Peak, Phil J. Bremer, 
A. James McQuillan and 
Christopher J. Daughney
Pages 1914-1927

Arsenous acid ionisation in aqueous 
solutions from 25 to 300 °C  • 
V.P. Zakaznova-Herzog, T.M. Seward 
and O.M. Suleimenov
Pages 1928-1938

Surface properties, solubility and 
dissolution kinetics of bamboo phytoliths  • 
Fabrice Fraysse, Oleg S. Pokrovsky, 
Jacques Schott and Jean-Dominique Meunier
Pages 1939-1951

Trace/minor element:calcium ratios 
in cultured benthic foraminifera. 
Part I: Inter-species and 
inter-individual variability  • 
Christopher J. Hintz, Timothy J. Shaw, 
G. Thomas Chandler, Joan M. Bernhard, 
Daniel C. McCorkle and Jessica K. Blanks
Pages 1952-1963

Trace/minor element:calcium ratios in 
cultured benthic foraminifera. 
Part II: Ontogenetic variation  • 
Christopher J. Hintz, Timothy J. Shaw, 
Joan M. Bernhard, G. Thomas Chandler, 
Daniel C. McCorkle and Jessica K. Blanks
Pages 1964-1976

Secular variation in the major-ion 
chemistry of seawater: Evidence from
fluid inclusions in Cretaceous halites  • 
Michael N. Timofeeff, Tim K. Lowenstein,
Maria Augusta Martins da Silva and 
Nicholas B. Harris
Pages 1977-1994

Geochemical chaos: Periodic and nonperiodic
growth of mixed-layer phyllosilicates  • 
Yifeng Wang and Huifang Xu
Pages 1995-2005

The effect of early diagenesis on the 
Fe isotope compositions of porewaters and
authigenic minerals in continental 
margin sediments  • 
Silke Severmann, Clark M. Johnson, 
Brian L. Beard and James McManus
Pages 2006-2022

Dynamics of organic and inorganic arsenic
in the solution phase of an acidic
fen in Germany  • 
J.-H. Huang and E. Matzner
Pages 2023-2033

Unraveling the sequence and structure 
of the protein osteocalcin from a 
42 ka fossil horse  • 
Peggy H. Ostrom, Hasand Gandhi, 
John R. Strahler, Angela K. Walker, 
Philip C. Andrews, Joseph Leykam, 
Thomas W. Stafford, Robert L. Kelly, 
Danny N. Walker, Mike Buckley, et al.
Pages 2034-2044

Characteristics of alkenone distributions
in suspended and sinking ps 
in the northwestern North Pacific  • 
Naomi Harada, Miyako Sato, Aya Shiraishi 
and Makio C. Honda
Pages 2045-2062

Different response of ?D values of n-alkanes, 
isoprenoids, and kerogen during
thermal maturation  • 
Nikolai Pedentchouk, Katherine H. Freeman
and Nicholas B. Harris
Pages 2063-2072

Geochemistry of low-molecular weight 
hydrocarbons in hydrothermal fluids 
from Middle Valley, northern Juan de Fuca Ridge  • 
Anna M. Cruse and Jeffrey S. Seewald
Pages 2073-2092

Platinum–osmium isotope evolution of the 
Earth’s mantle: Constraints from 
chondrites and Os-rich alloys  • 
A.D. Brandon, R.J. Walker and I.S. Puchtel
Pages 2093-2103

Siderophile geochemistry of ureilites: 
A record of early stages of planetesimal 
core formation  • 
Paul H. Warren, Finn Ulff-Moller, 
Heinz Huber and Gregory W. Kallemeyn
Pages 2104-2126

Petrography and geochemistry of the 
chassignite Northwest Africa 2737 (NWA 2737)  • 
P. Beck, J.A. Barrat, Ph. Gillet, 
M. Wadhwa, I.A. Franchi, R.C. Greenwood, 
M. Bohn, J. Cotten, B. van de Moortele 
and B. Reynard
Pages 2127-2139

Comment on: “The dissolution rates of
gibbsite in the presence of chloride, 
nitrate, silica, sulfate and citrate 
in open and closed systems at 20 °C” by 
M. Dietzel and G. Bohme  • 
David J. Wesolowski, Donald A. Palmer 
and Pascale Benezeth
Pages 2140-2142

Announcement: 69th Annual Meeting of the 
Meteoritical Society  • 
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