Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 7, 1 April.

Direct observation of heavy metal-mineral 
association from the Clark Fork River 
Superfund Complex: Implications for 
metal transport and bioavailability  • 
Jr., Michael F. Hochella, Johnnie N. Moore, 
Christine V. Putnis, Andrew Putnis, 
Takeshi Kasama and Dennis D. Eberl
Pages 1651-1663

Dissolved noble gases in the porewater 
of lacustrine sediments as 
palaeolimnological proxies  • 
Kuno M. Strassmann, Matthias S. Brennwald, 
Frank Peeters and Rolf Kipfer
Pages 1665-1674

Sorption of Cu and Pb to kaolinite-fulvic 
acid colloids: Assessment of sorbent interactions  • 
Ilona Heidmann, Iso Christl and Ruben Kretzschmar
Pages 1675-1686

The kinetics of the dissolution of 
chlorite as a function of pH and at 25°C  • 
Richard T. Lowson, M.-C. Josick Comarmond, 
Geetha Rajaratnam and Paul L. Brown
Pages 1687-1699

The major-ion composition of Permian seawater  • 
Tim K. Lowenstein, Michael N. Timofeeff, 
Volodymyr M. Kovalevych and Juske Horita
Pages 1701-1719

Solid solutions of trace Eu(III) in calcite: 
Thermodynamic evaluation of experimental 
data over a wide range of pH and pCO2  • 
E. Curti, D.A. Kulik and J. Tits
Pages 1721-1737

Effects of sediment iron mineral 
composition on microbially mediated 
changes in divalent metal speciation: 
Importance of ferrihydrite  • 
D. Craig Cooper, Andrew L. Neal, 
Ravi K. Kukkadapu, Dale Brewe, 
Aaron Coby and Flynn W. Picardal
Pages 1739-1754

Stoichiometry of smectite dissolution reaction  • 
Volker Metz, Keren Amram and Jiwchar Ganor
Pages 1755-1772

Fatty acids in sparry calcite fracture 
fills and microsparite cement of 
septarian diagenetic concretions  • 
M.J. Pearson, J.P. Hendry, 
C.W. Taylor and M.A. Russell
Pages 1773-1786

PGE, Re-Os, and Mo isotope systematics 
in Archean and early Proterozoic 
sedimentary systems as proxies 
for redox conditions of the early Earth  • 
C. Siebert, J.D. Kramers, Th. Meisel, 
Ph. Morel and Th.F. N?gler
Pages 1787-1801

High-resolution historical records 
from Pettaquamscutt River basin 
sediments: 1. 210Pb and varve 
chronologies validate record of 
137Cs released by the Chernobyl accident  • 
Ana Lucia Lima, J. Bradford Hubeny, 
Christopher M. Reddy, John W. King, 
Konrad A. Hughen and Timothy I. Eglinton
Pages 1803-1812

High-resolution historical records 
from Pettaquamscutt River basin 
sediments: 2. Pb isotopes reveal 
a potential new stratigraphic marker  • 
Ana L?cia Lima, Bridget A. Bergquist, 
Edward A. Boyle, Matthew K. Reuer, 
Francis O. Dudas, Christopher M. Reddy 
and Timothy I. Eglinton
Pages 1813-1824

Chemical and carbon isotopic evolution
of hydrocarbons during prograde 
metamorphism from 100°C to 550°C: 
Case study in the Liassic black shale 
formation of Central Swiss Alps  • 
Valerie Schwab, Jorge. E. Spangenberg 
and Joan O. Grimalt
Pages 1825-1840

U/Th dating by SHRIMP RG ion-microprobe
mass spectrometry using single 
ion-exchange beads  • 
James L. Bischoff, Joe Wooden,
Fred Murphy and Ross W. Williams
Pages 1841-1846

Lu-Hf and PbSL geochronology of apatites 
from Proterozoic terranes: A first look 
at Lu-Hf isotopic closure in 
metamorphic apatite  • 
Gry Hoffmann Barfod, Eirik Jens Krogstad, 
Robert Frei and Francis Albarede
Pages 1847-1859

H2S fluxes from Mt. Etna, Stromboli, 
and Vulcano (Italy) and implications 
for the sulfur budget at volcanoes  • 
A. Aiuppa, S. Inguaggiato, A.J.S. McGonigle, 
M. O’Dwyer, C. Oppenheimer, 
M.J. Padgett, D. Rouwet and M. Valenza
Pages 1861-1871

Origin of low-Ca pyroxene in amoeboid 
olivine aggregates: Evidence from 
oxygen isotopic compositions  • 
Alexander N. Krot, Timothy J. Fagan, 
Kazuhide Nagashima, Michael I. Petaev 
and Hisayoshi Yurimoto
Pages 1873-1881

Glass veins in the unequilibrated eucrite Yamato 82202  • 
Paul C. Buchanan, Takaaki Noguchi, 
Donald D. Bogard, Mitsuru Ebihara and Ikuo Katayama
Pages 1883-1898

Pb isotopic zoning of K-feldspar megacrysts 
determined by Laser Ablation Multi-Collector 
ICP-MS: Insights into granite petrogenesis  • 
D. Gagnevin, J.S. Daly, T.E. Waight, D. Morgan and G. Poli
Pages 1899-1915