Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, V 70, N 24, 15 December.

A Special Issue Dedicated to Larry A. Haskin
Edited by Frank A. Podosek

Larry A. Haskin (1934–2005)  • 
Randy L. Korotev
Pages 5899-5903

The Moon: A Taylor perspective  • 
S. Ross Taylor, G. Jeffrey Taylor
and L. August Taylor
Pages 5904-5918

Petrogenesis of picritic mare magmas: 
Constraints on the extent of early 
lunar differentiation  • 
John Longhi
Pages 5919-5934

Feldspathic lunar meteorites Pecora Escarpment
02007 and Dhofar 489: Contamination of the 
surface of the lunar highlands by post-basin impacts  • 
Randy L. Korotev, Ryan A. Zeigler and Bradley L. Jolliff
Pages 5935-5956

Evolved mare basalt magmatism, high Mg/Fe feldspathic
crust, chondritic impactors, and the petrogenesis
of Antarctic lunar breccia meteorites Meteorite 
Hills 01210 and Pecora Escarpment 02007  • 
James M.D. Day, Christine Floss, Lawrence A. Taylor, 
Mahesh Anand and Allan D. Patchen
Pages 5957-5989

Feldspathic clasts in Yamato-86032: Remnants of the 
lunar crust with implications for its formation 
and impact history  • 
L. Nyquist, D. Bogard, A. Yamaguchi, C.-Y. Shih, 
Y. Karouji, M. Ebihara, Y. Reese, D. Garrison, 
G. McKay and H. Takeda
Pages 5990-6015

40Ar/39Ar dating of Apollo 12 regolith: Implications 
for the age of Copernicus and the source of nonmare materials  • 
Fernando Barra, Timothy D. Swindle, Randy L. Korotev, 
Bradley L. Jolliff, Ryan A. Zeigler and Eric Olson
Pages 6016-6031

Identifying impact events within the lunar cataclysm 
from 40Ar–39Ar ages and compositions of Apollo 
16 impact melt rocks  • 
Marc D. Norman, Robert A. Duncan and John J. Huard
Pages 6032-6049

The geochemistry and provenance of Apollo 16 mafic glasses  • 
Ryan A. Zeigler, Randy L. Korotev, Bradley L. Jolliff, 
Larry A. Haskin and Christine Floss
Pages 6050-6067

Cooling history of lunar Mg-suite gabbronorite 76255,
troctolite 76535 and Stillwater pyroxenite SC-936: 
The record in exsolution and ordering in pyroxenes  • 
I. Stewart McCallum, M. Chiara Domeneghetti, 
Jeffrey M. Schwartz, Emily K. Mullen, Michele Zema, 
Fernando Camara, Catherine McCammon and Jibamitra Ganguly
Pages 6068-6078

Testing the relation between UV–vis color and TiO2 
content of the lunar maria  • 
Jeffrey J. Gillis-Davis, Paul G. Lucey and B. Ray Hawke
Pages 6079-6102

Isotopic composition of zinc, copper, 
and iron in lunar samples  • 
F. Moynier, F. Albarede and G.F. Herzog
Pages 6103-6117

Sulfates on Mars: A systematic Raman spectroscopic
study of hydration states of magnesium sulfates  • 
Alian Wang, John J. Freeman, 
Bradley L. Jolliff and I-Ming Chou
Pages 6118-6135

Kinetic model of olivine dissolution and extent 
of aqueous alteration on mars  • 
Julie D. Stopar, G. Jeffrey Taylor, 
Victoria E. Hamilton and Lauren Browning
Pages 6136-6152

Compositional trends among IID irons; their 
possible formation from the P-rich lower 
magma in a two-layer core  • 
John T. Wasson and Heinz Huber
Pages 6153-6167

Circumstellar aluminum oxide and silicon 
carbide in interplanetary dust ps  • 
Frank J. Stadermann, Christine Floss 
and Brigitte Wopenka
Pages 6168-6179

Energetics of potential heterotrophic 
metabolisms in the marine hydrothermal 
system of Vulcano Island, Italy  • 
Karyn L. Rogers and Jan P. Amend
Pages 6180-6200

Extracting olivine (Fo–Fa) compositions 
from Raman spectral peak positions  • 
Karla E. Kuebler, Bradley L. Jolliff, 
Alian Wang and Larry A. Haskin
Pages 6201-6222

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