Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, V 70, N 23, 1 December.

A Special Issue Dedicated to Robert A. Berner
Edited by Prof. D.E. Canfield

A special issue honoring Bob Berner  • 
Don E. Canfield, Timothy W. Lyons and John W. Morse
Pages 5651-5652

GEOCARBSULF: A combined model for Phanerozoic
atmospheric O2 and CO2  • 
Robert A. Berner
Pages 5653-5664

CO2-forced climate thresholds during the Phanerozoic  • 
Dana L. Royer
Pages 5665-5675

BRYOCARB: A process-based model of thallose 
liverwort carbon isotope fractionation in 
response to CO2, O2, light and temperature  • 
Benjamin J. Fletcher, Stuart J. Brentnall, 
W. Paul Quick and David J. Beerling
Pages 5676-5691

Estimating long-term soil respiration rates
from carbon isotopes occluded in gibbsite  • 
Paul A. Schroeder, Jason C. Austin and John F. Dowd
Pages 5692-5697

A critical look at iron paleoredox proxies: 
New insights from modern euxinic marine basins  • 
Timothy W. Lyons and Silke Severmann
Pages 5698-5722

Evolution of the oceanic sulfur cycle at the 
end of the Paleoproterozoic  • 
David T. Johnston, Simon W. Poulton, 
Philip W. Fralick, Boswell A. Wing, 
Donald E. Canfield and James Farquhar
Pages 5723-5739

Sulfur isotopic evidence for chemocline 
upward excursions during the end-Permian 
mass extinction  • 
Anthony L. Riccardi, Michael A. Arthur 
and Lee R. Kump
Pages 5740-5752

Models of oxic respiration, denitrification
and sulfate reduction in zones of coastal upwelling  • 
D.E. Canfield
Pages 5753-5765

Separation of 3He and CH4 signals on the 
Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 5°N and 51°N  • 
Robin S. Keir, Jurgen Sultenfub, Monika Rhein, 
Gert Petrick and Jens Greinert
Pages 5766-5778

The solubility of FeS  • 
David Rickard
Pages 5779-5789

Mechanisms of equilibrium and kinetic
oxygen isotope effects in synthetic 
aragonite at 25 °C  • 
Sang-Tae Kim, Claude Hillaire-Marcel
and Alfonso Mucci
Pages 5790-5801

Calcite dissolution kinetics in 
Na–Ca–Mg–Cl brines  • 
Dwight K. Gledhill and John W. Morse
Pages 5802-5813

Initial responses of carbonate-rich 
shelf sediments to rising atmospheric 
pCO2 and “ocean acidification”: 
Role of high Mg-calcites  • 
John W. Morse, Andreas J. Andersson 
and Fred T. Mackenzie
Pages 5814-5830

Effect of hydrogen limitation and 
temperature on the fractionation of
sulfur isotopes by a deep-sea hydrothermal 
vent sulfate-reducing bacterium  • 
Joost Hoek, Anna-Louise Reysenbach, 
Kirsten S. Habicht and Donald E. Canfield
Pages 5831-5841

Reduction of Fe(III) colloids by 
Shewanella putrefaciens: A kinetic model  • 
Steeve Bonneville, Thilo Behrends,
Philippe Van Cappellen, Christelle Hyacinthe 
and Wilfred F.M. R?ling
Pages 5842-5854

Steady-state tracer dynamics in a 
lattice-automaton model of bioturbation  • 
Daniel C. Reed, Katherine Huang, 
Bernard P. Boudreau and Filip J.R. Meysman
Pages 5855-5867

Nature and dynamics of phosphorus-containing 
components of marine dissolved and 
particulate organic matter  • 
Poulomi Sannigrahi, Ellery D. Ingall 
and Ronald Benner
Pages 5868-5882

Co-diagenesis of iron and phosphorus 
in hydrothermal sediments from the 
southern East Pacific Rise: Implications 
for the evaluation of paleoseawater 
phosphate concentrations  • 
Simon W. Poulton and Donald E. Canfield
Pages 5883-5898