Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, V 70, N 22, 15 November.

Transport of radionuclides in an unconfined
chalk aquifer inferred from U-series disequilibria  • 
Amelie Hubert, Bernard Bourdon, 
Eric Pili and Laure Meynadier
Pages 5437-5454

Sedimentary iron geochemistry in acidic 
waterways associated with coastal
lowland acid sulfate soils  • 
Edward D. Burton, Richard T. Bush 
and Leigh A. Sullivan
Pages 5455-5468

Molecular characterization of uranium(VI) 
sorption complexes on iron(III)-rich 
acid mine water colloids  • 
Kai-Uwe Ulrich, Andre Rossberg, Harald Foerstendorf, 
Harald Zanker and Andreas C. Scheinost
Pages 5469-5487

A method for activity calculations in saline
and mixed solvent solutions at elevated 
temperature and pressure: A framework for 
geological phase equilibria calculations  • 
Katy Evans and Roger Powell
Pages 5488-5506

Calcium-isotope fractionation in selected
modern and ancient marine carbonates  • 
Thomas Steuber and Dieter Buhl
Pages 5507-5521

Carbonate biomineralization induced 
by soil bacterium Bacillus megaterium  • 
Bin Lian, Qiaona Hu, Jun Chen, 
Junfeng Ji and H. Henry Teng
Pages 5522-5535

Molecular environment of iodine in naturally
iodinated humic substances: Insight from 
X-ray absorption spectroscopy  • 
Michel L. Schlegel, Pascal Reiller, 
Florence Mercier-Bion, Nicole Barre 
and Valerie Moulin
Pages 5536-5551

Tracing end-member fluid sources in 
sub-surface iron mineralization and 
dolomitization along a proximal 
fault to the dead sea transform  • 
Yigal Erel, Nora Listovsky, Alan Matthews, 
Shimon Ilani and Yoav Avni
Pages 5552-5570

Solubilities of corundum, wollastonite 
and quartz in H2O–NaCl solutions at 
800 °C and 10 kbar: Interaction of simple 
minerals with brines at high pressure 
and temperature  • 
Robert C. Newton and Craig E. Manning
Pages 5571-5582

Copper partitioning in a 
melt–vapor–brine–magnetite–pyrrhotite assemblage  • 
Adam C. Simon, Thomas Pettke, Philip A. Candela, 
Philip M. Piccoli and Christoph A. Heinrich
Pages 5583-5600

Correlated microanalysis of zircon: Trace 
element, o18O, and U–Th–Pb isotopic 
constraints on the igneous origin of 
complex >3900 Ma detrital grains  • 
Aaron J. Cavosie, John W. Valley
and Simon A. Wilde
Pages 5601-5616

Thermodynamic studies of pyrrhotite–pyrite 
equilibria in the Ag–Fe–S system by 
solid-state galvanic cell technique 
at 518–723 K and total pressure of 1 atm  • 
Evgeniy G. Osadchii and Dmitriy A. Chareev
Pages 5617-5633

Spinel group minerals in LL3.00–6 chondrites: 
Indicators of nebular and parent body processes  • 
M. Kimura, H. Nakajima, H. Hiyagon and M.K. Weisberg
Pages 5634-5650