Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, V 70, N 20, 15 October.

Molecular simulations of metal adsorption
to bacterial surfaces  • 
Kelly J. Johnson, Randall T. Cygan
and Jeremy B. Fein
Pages 5075-5088

Boric acid adsorption on humic acids: 
Ab initio calculation of structures, 
stabilities, 11B NMR and 11B,10B 
isotopic fractionations of surface complexes  • 
J.A. Tossell
Pages 5089-5103

Cadmium isotopic composition in the ocean  • 
Francois Lacan, Roger Francois, 
Yongcheng Ji and Robert M. Sherrell
Pages 5104-5118

Environmental and biological controls 
on elemental (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca and Mn/Ca) 
ratios in shells of the king scallop 
Pecten maximus  • 
Pedro S. Freitas, Leon J. Clarke, 
Hilary Kennedy, Christopher A. Richardson 
and Fatima Abrantes
Pages 5119-5133

Kinetics of cadmium adsorption on aluminum 
precipitation products formed 
under the influence of tannate  • 
G. Yu, U.K. Saha, L.M. Kozak and P.M. Huang
Pages 5134-5145

Experiments on o34S mixing between 
organic and inorganic sulfur species 
during thermal maturation  • 
Alon Amrani, Ward Said-Ahamed, 
Michael D. Lewan and Zeev Aizenshtat
Pages 5146-5161

Source(s) and cycling of the nonhydrolyzable 
organic fraction of oceanic ps  • 
Jeomshik Hwang, Ellen R.M. Druffel, 
Timothy I. Eglinton and Daniel J. Repeta
Pages 5162-5168

Dissociation constants and speciation 
in aqueous Li2SO4 and K2SO4 from measurements 
of electrical conductance to 673 K and 29 MPa  • 
Andrei V. Sharygin, Brian K. Grafton, 
Caibin Xiao, Robert H. Wood and Victor N. Balashov
Pages 5169-5182

A Bayesian approach to calibrating apatite
fission track annealing models for 
laboratory and geological timescales  • 
John Stephenson, Kerry Gallagher 
and Chris Holmes
Pages 5183-5200

Nitrogen isotope fractionations 
during progressive metamorphism: 
A case study from the Paleozoic 
Cooma metasedimentary complex, 
southeastern Australia  • 
Yiefei Jia
Pages 5201-5214

Tracing nitrogen in volcanic and 
geothermal volatiles from the 
Nicaraguan volcanic front  • 
L.J. Elkins, T.P. Fischer, 
D.R. Hilton, Z.D. Sharp, 
S. McKnight and J. Walker
Pages 5215-5235

Experimental constraints on the
mobility of Rhenium in silicate liquids  • 
Jason M. MacKenzie and Dante Canil
Pages 5236-5245
Comment on “Pyrite dissolution in 
acidic media” by M. Descostes, P. Vitorge, 
and C. Beaucaire  • DISCUSSION
Gregory Druschel and Michael Borda
Pages 5246-5250

Response to the Comment by G. Druschel 
and M. Borda on “Pyrite dissolution
in acidic media”  • DISCUSSION
Michael Descostes, Pierre Vitorge 
and Catherine Beaucaire
Pages 5251-5252