Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, V 70, N 19, 1 October.

The reactivity of iron oxides towards
reductive dissolution with ascorbic 
acid in a shallow sandy aquifer (Romo, Denmark)  • 
Ole Larsen, Dieke Postma and Rasmus Jakobsen
Pages 4827-4835

The dissolution of synthetic Na-boltwoodite
in sodium carbonate solutions  • 
Eugene S. Ilton, Chongxuan Liu, Wassana Yantasee, 
Zheming Wang, Dean A. Moore, Andrew R. Felmy 
and John M. Zachara
Pages 4836-4849

Time-dependent sorption of Cd2+ on CaX zeolite: 
Experimental observations and model predictions  • 
Imad A.M. Ahmed, Scott D. Young and Neil M.J. Crout
Pages 4850-4861

Enthalpies and entropies of proton and cadmium
adsorption onto Bacillus subtilis bacterial
cells from calorimetric measurements  • 
Drew Gorman-Lewis, Jeremy B. Fein and Mark P. Jensen
Pages 4862-4873

Oxidation of arsenopyrite and deposition of 
gold on the oxidized surfaces: A scanning 
probe microscopy, tunneling spectroscopy
and XPS study  • 
Yuri L. Mikhlin, Alexander S. Romanchenko
and Igor P. Asanov
Pages 4874-4888

Mineralogic and sulfur isotopic effects 
accompanying oxidation of pyrite in 
millimolar solutions of hydrogen 
peroxide at temperatures from 4 to 150 °C  • 
Liliana Lefticariu, Lisa M. Pratt 
and Edward M. Ripley
Pages 4889-4905

Calcification rate influence on trace 
element concentrations in aragonitic 
bivalve shells: Evidences and mechanisms  • 
Matthieu Carre, Ilhem Bentaleb, 
Olivier Bruguier, Elmer Ordinola, 
Nicholas T. Barrett and Michel Fontugne
Pages 4906-4920

Quantification of diagenesis in Cenozoic
sharks: Elemental and mineralogical changes  • 
Joann Labs-Hochstein and Bruce J. MacFadden
Pages 4921-4932

Two-dimensional pH distributions and 
dynamics in bioturbated marine sediments  • 
Qingzhi Zhu, Robert C. Aller and Yanzhen Fan
Pages 4933-4949

Cretaceous seamounts along the continent–ocean
transition of the Iberian margin: 
U–Pb ages and Pb–Sr–Hf isotopes  • 
Renaud Merle, Urs Scharer, 
Jacques Girardeau and Guy Cornen
Pages 4950-4976

Oxygen isotopic studies of the interaction 
between xenoliths and mafic magma, 
Voisey’s Bay Intrusion, Labrador, Canada  • 
J. Mariga, E.M. Ripley and C. Li
Pages 4977-4996

Rare earth element partitioning between 
titanite and silicate melts: 
Henry’s law revisited  • 
Stefan Prowatke and Stephan Klemme
Pages 4997-5012

The chemical-temporal evolution of 
lithospheric mantle underlying 
the North China Craton  • 
Fu-Yuan Wu, Richard J. Walker, 
Yue-Heng Yang, Hong-Lin Yuan 
and Jin-Hui Yang
Pages 5013-5034

Laboratory condensation of refractory 
dust in protosolar and circumstellar conditions  • 
Alice Toppani, Guy Libourel, 
Francois Robert and Jaafar Ghanbaja
Pages 5035-5060

New insights into the carrier phase(s)
of extraterrestrial 3He in 
geologically old sediments  • 
S. Mukhopadhyay and K.A. Farley
Pages 5061-5073