Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, V 70, N 18, 15 September.

Molecular dynamics simulation of the 
titration of polyoxocations in aqueous solution  • 
James R. Rustad
Pages 4397-4410

Prediction of CH4 and CO2 hydrate phase 
equilibrium and cage occupancy from 
ab initio intermolecular potentials  • 
Rui Sun and Zhenhao Duan
Pages 4411-4424

Clay mineral weathering and contaminant 
dynamics in a caustic aqueous system: 
I. Wet chemistry and aging effects  • 
Sunkyung Choi, Mary Kay Amistadi and Jon Chorover
Pages 4425-4436

Clay mineral weathering and contaminant 
dynamics in a caustic aqueous system: 
II. Mineral transformation and 
microscale partitioning  • 
Sunkyung Choi, Garry Crosson, Karl T. Mueller, 
Supapan Seraphin and Jon Chorover
Pages 4437-4451

Intercolony variability of skeletal 
oxygen and carbon isotope signatures 
of cultured Porites corals: 
Temperature-controlled experiments  • 
Atsushi Suzuki, Kohei Hibino, 
Akihiro Iwase and Hodaka Kawahata
Pages 4453-4462

In situ Mossbauer spectroscopy: 
Evidence for green rust (fougerite)
in a gleysol and its mineralogical 
transformations with time and depth  • 
Frederic Feder, Fabienne Trolard, 
Gostar Klingelhofer and Guilhem Bourri?
Pages 4463-4483

Calcium isotope fractionation 
in calcite and aragonite  • 
Nikolaus Gussone, Florian Bohm, 
Anton Eisenhauer, Martin Dietzel, 
Alexander Heuser, Barbara M.A. Teichert, 
Joachim Reitner, Gert Worheide and 
Wolf-Christian Dullo
Pages 4485-4494

Effects of seed material and 
solution composition on calcite precipitation  • 
Yi-Pin Lin and Philip C. Singer
Pages 4495-4504

A kinetic model for thermally induced 
hydrogen and carbon isotope fractionation 
of individual n-alkanes in crude oil  • 
Yongchun Tang, Yongsong Huang, 
Geoffrey S. Ellis, Yi Wang, Paul G. Kralert, 
Bruno Gillaizeau, Qisheng Ma and Rong Hwang
Pages 4505-4520

New evidence for covalent coupling of 
peptides to humic acids based on 2D NMR 
spectroscopy: A means for preservation  • 
Pang-Hung Hsu and Patrick G. Hatcher
Pages 4521-4533

A menagerie of graphite morphologies 
in the Acapulco meteorite with diverse 
carbon and nitrogen isotopic signatures: 
Implications for the evolution history 
of acapulcoite meteorites  • 
Ahmed El Goresy, Ernst Zinner, 
Paul Pellas and Catherine Caillet
Pages 4535-4556

The early differentiation history of 
Mars from 182W-142Nd isotope systematics 
in the SNC meteorites  • 
C. Nicole Foley, M. Wadhwa, L.E. Borg, 
P.E. Janney, R. Hines and T.L. Grove
Pages 4557-4571