Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 17, 1 September.

133Cs and 35Cl NMR spectroscopy and molecular
dynamics modeling of Cs+ and Cl- complexation 
with natural organic matter  • 
Xiang Xu, Andrey G. Kalinichev and R. James Kirkpatrick
Pages 4319-4331

Redox-linked conformation change and electron 
transfer between monoheme c-type cytochromes and oxides  • 
Nidhi Khare, David M. Lovelace, Carrick M. Eggleston, 
Michael Swenson and Timothy S. Magnuson
Pages 4332-4342

High-resolution records of location and 
stratigraphic provenance from the rare 
earth element composition of fossil bones  • 
C.N. Trueman, A.K. Behrensmeyer, 
R. Potts and N. Tuross
Pages 4343-4355

A comparative study of the effect of 
desferrioxamine B, oxalic acid, and 
Na-alginate on the desorption of U(VI) 
from goethite at pH 6 and 25 °C  • 
Domenik Wolff-Boenisch and Samuel J. Traina
Pages 4356-4366

Transfer and early diagenesis of biogenic 
silica oxygen isotope signals during 
settling and sedimentation of diatoms in 
a temperate freshwater lake 
(Lake Holzmaar, Germany)  • 
Robert Moschen, Andreas Lucke, Jorn Parplies, 
Ulrich Radtke and Gerhard H. Schleser
Pages 4367-4379

Basal plane reactivity of phyllosilicates 
studied in situ by hydrothermal atomic 
force microscopy (HAFM)  • 
Kirill Aldushin, Guntram Jordan and 
Wolfgang W. Schmahl
Pages 4380-4391

The evolution of surface layers formed 
during chalcopyrite leaching  • 
Sarah L. Harmer, Joan E. Thomas, 
Daniel Fornasiero and Andrea R. Gerson
Pages 4392-4402

Dissolution kinetics of fosteritic 
olivine at 90–150 °C including effects 
of the presence of CO2  • 
M. Hanchen, V. Prigiobbe, G. Storti, 
T.M. Seward and M. Mazzotti
Pages 4403-4416

U–Sr isotopic speedometer: Fluid 
flow and chemical weathering rates in aquifers  • 
Kate Maher, Donald J. DePaolo and 
John N. Christensen
Pages 4417-4435

Effect of pH and organic ligands on the 
kinetics of smectite dissolution at 25 °C  • 
Sergey V. Golubev, Andreas Bauer 
and Oleg S. Pokrovsky
Pages 4436-4451

Calcium isotope fractionation in 
modern scleractinian corals  • 
Florian Bohm, Nikolaus Gussone, 
Anton Eisenhauer, Wolf-Christian Dullo, 
Stephanie Reynaud and Adina Paytan
Pages 4452-4462

The citric acid–MnIII,IVO2(birnessite) 
reaction. Electron transfer, complex 
formation, and autocatalytic feedback  • 
Yun Wang and Alan T. Stone
Pages 4463-4476

Reaction of MnIII,IV (hydr)oxides 
with oxalic acid, glyoxylic acid, 
phosphonoformic acid, and 
structurally-related organic compounds  • 
Yun Wang and Alan T. Stone
Pages 4477-4490

Chemical characteristics of dissolved 
organic nitrogen in an oligotrophic 
subtropical coastal ecosystem  • 
Nagamitsu Maie, Kathleen J. Parish, 
Akira Watanabe, Heike Knicker, 
Ronald Benner, Tomonori Abe, 
Karl Kaiser and Rudolf Jaffe
Pages 4491-4506

A redetermination of the isotopic 
abundances of atmospheric Ar  • 
Jee-Yon Lee, Kurt Marti, 
Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, 
Kenji Kawamura, Hee-Soo Yoo, 
Jin Bok Lee and Jin Seog Kim
Pages 4507-4512

Trace element partitioning between 
apatite and silicate melts  • 
Stefan Prowatke and Stephan Klemme
Pages 4513-4527

Highly siderophile element 
composition of the Earth’s primitive 
upper mantle: Constraints from new 
data on peridotite massifs and xenoliths  • 
H. Becker, M.F. Horan, R.J. Walker, 
S. Gao, J.-P. Lorand and R.L. Rudnick
Pages 4528-4550

Comment on “Hydrolysis of neptunium(V) 
at variable temperatures (10–85 °C)”
 by L. Rao, T.G. Srinivasan, A.Yu. Garnov, 
P. Zanonato, P. Di Bernardo, and A. Bismondo  • 
V. Neck
Pages 4551-4555

Response to the comment by V. Neck on 
“Hydrolysis of neptunium(V) at variable 
temperatures (10–85 °C)”, 
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68, 4821–4830  • 
Linfeng Rao, Thandankorai G. Srinivasan, 
Alexander Yu. Garnov, PierLuigi Zanonato, 
Plinio Di Bernardo and Arturo Bismondo
Pages 4556-4562