Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 16, 15 August.

Structure of hydrated Zn2+ at the rutile TiO2 
(110)-aqueous solution interface: Comparison 
of X-ray standing wave, X-ray absorption 
spectroscopy, and density functional theory results  • 
Zhan Zhang, Paul Fenter, Shelly D. Kelly, 
Jeffery G. Catalano, Andrei V. Bandura, 
James D. Kubicki, Jorge O. Sofo, 
David J. Wesolowski, Michael L. Machesky, 
Neil C. Sturchio, et al.
Pages 4039-4056

Bond-valence methods for pKa prediction. 
II. Bond-valence, electrostatic, molecular 
geometry, and solvation effects  • 
Barry R. Bickmore, Kevin M. Rosso, 
Christopher J. Tadanier, 
Eric J. Bylaska and Darrin Doud
Pages 4057-4071

An experimental study of magnesium-isotope 
fractionation in chlorophyll-a photosynthesis  • 
Jay R. Black, Qing-zhu Yin and William H. Casey
Pages 4072-4079

Assessing the fate and transformation of 
plant residues in the terrestrial
environment using HR-MAS NMR spectroscopy  • 
Brian P. Kelleher, Myrna J. Simpson 
and Andre J. Simpson
Pages 4080-4094

Insights for size-dependent reactivity of 
hematite nanomineral surfaces through Cu2+ sorption  • 
Andrew S. Madden, Jr., Michael F. Hochella 
and Todd P. Luxton
Pages 4095-4104

The triple isotopic composition of oxygen in leaf water  • 
A. Landais, E. Barkan, D. Yakir and B. Luz
Pages 4105-4115

Release of arsenic associated with the 
reduction and transformation of iron oxides  • 
Hanne D. Pedersen, Dieke Postma 
and Rasmus Jakobsen
Pages 4116-4129

The behavior of trace elements during 
schwertmannite precipitation and 
subsequent transformation 
into goethite and jarosite  • 
Patricia Acero, Carlos Ayora, Clara Torrento 
and Jose-Miguel Nieto
Pages 4130-4139

Variability in the uranium isotopic 
composition of the oceans over 
glacial–interglacial timescales  • 
Tezer M. Esat and Yusuke Yokoyama
Pages 4140-4150

Sorption of yttrium and rare earth 
elements by amorphous ferric hydroxide:
Influence of solution complexation 
with carbonate  • 
Kelly A. Quinn, Robert H. Byrne 
and Johan Schijf
Pages 4151-4165

Reactive iron(III) in sediments: 
Chemical versus microbial extractions  • 
C. Hyacinthe, S. Bonneville and 
P. Van Cappellen
Pages 4166-4180

Modeling of smectite illitization 
in burial diagenesis environments  • 
Javier Cuadros
Pages 4181-4195

Antimony speciation in saline 
hydrothermal fluids: A combined 
X-ray absorption fine structure
spectroscopy and solubility study  • 
Gleb S. Pokrovski, Anastassia Yu. Borisova, 
Jacques Roux, Jean-Louis Hazemann, 
Alain Petdang, Marie Tella and Denis Testemale
Pages 4196-4214

Copper isotopes as monitors of redox 
processes in hydrothermal mineralization  • 
Gregor Markl, Yann Lahaye and Gregor Schwinn
Pages 4215-4228

Chemical and isotopic evidence for 
widespread Eoarchean metasedimentary 
enclaves in southern West Greenland  • 
Nicole L. Cates and Stephen J. Mojzsis
Pages 4229-4257

Determination of melt influence on 
divalent element partitioning 
between anorthite and CMAS melts  • 
Sarah A. Miller, P.D. Asimow and D.S. Burnett
Pages 4258-4274

Disorder and the extent of polymerization 
in calcium silicate and aluminosilicate 
glasses: O-17 NMR results and quantum 
chemical molecular orbital calculations  • 
Sung Keun Lee and Jonathan F. Stebbins
Pages 4275-4286

Europium isotopic variations in 
Allende CAIs and the nature of 
mass-dependent fractionation in 
the solar nebula  • 
Frederic Moynier, Audrey Bouvier, 
Janne Blichert-Toft, Philippe Telouk, 
Daniela Gasperini and Francis Albar?de
Pages 4287-4294

Iron weathering products in a CO2 + 
(H2O or H2O2) atmosphere: Implications 
for weathering processes on the surface of Mars  • 
V. Chevrier, P.-E. Mathe, P. Rochette, 
O. Grauby, G. Bourrie and F. Trolard
Pages 4295-4317