Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 15, 1 August.

A high temperature equation of state 
for the H2O-CaCl2 and H2O-MgCl2 systems  • 
Zhenhao Duan, Nancy Moller and John H. Weare
Pages 3765-3777

A predictive model (ETLM) for As(III) 
adsorption and surface speciation on 
oxides consistent with spectroscopic data  • 
Dimitri A. Sverjensky and Keisuke Fukushi
Pages 3778-3802

Interactions of biopolymers with silica 
surfaces: Force measurements and electronic 
structure calculation studies  • 
Kideok D. Kwon, Virginia Vadillo-Rodriguez, 
Bruce E. Logan and James D. Kubicki
Pages 3803-3819

Relationship between solubility and 
solubility product: The roles of crystal 
sizes and crystallographic directions  • 
Chunfang Fan, Jun Chen, Yang Chen, 
Junfeng Ji and H. Henry Teng
Pages 3820-3829

Dissolved organic carbon in ridge-axis 
and ridge-flank hydrothermal systems  • 
Susan Q. Lang, David A. Butterfield, 
Marvin D. Lilley, H. Paul Johnson and John I. Hedges
Pages 3830-3842

Opal-associated particulate phosphorus: 
Implications for the marine P cycle  • 
Jennifer C. Latimer, Gabriel M. Filippelli, 
Ingrid Hendy and Derrick R. Newkirk
Pages 3843-3854

A numerical model of trace-element 
coprecipitation in a physicochemical
calcification system: Application to 
coral biomineralization and trace-element 
‘vital effects’  • 
Daniel J. Sinclair and Michael J. Risk
Pages 3855-3868

Role of superoxide in the photochemical 
reduction of iron in seawater  • 
Andrew L. Rose and T. David Waite
Pages 3869-3882

Sr isotopes and pore fluid chemistry 
in carbonate sediment of the Ontong 
Java Plateau: Calcite recrystallization 
rates and evidence for a rapid rise 
in seawater Mg over the last 10 million years  • 
Matthew S. Fantle and Donald J. DePaolo
Pages 3883-3904

Kinetics of organic matter degradation, 
microbial methane generation, and gas 
hydrate formation in anoxic marine sediments  • 
K. Wallmann, G. Aloisi, M. Haeckel, 
A. Obzhirov, G. Pavlova and P. Tishchenko
Pages 3905-3927

Evaluation of osmium isotopes and iridium 
as paleoflux tracers in pelagic carbonates  • 
Tarun K. Dalai and Greg Ravizza
Pages 3928-3942

Enhanced late gas generation potential 
of petroleum source rocks via recombination 
reactions: Evidence from the Norwegian North Sea  • 
Michael Erdmann and Brian Horsfield
Pages 3943-3956

Oxygen isotope signature of Pi regeneration 
from organic compounds by 
phosphomonoesterases and photooxidation  • 
Y. Liang and R.E. Blake
Pages 3957-3969

A synthetic fluid inclusion study of copper 
solubility in hydrothermal brines from 
525 to 725 °C and 0.3 to 1.7 GPa  • 
Alistair C. Hack and John A. Mavrogenes
Pages 3970-3985

Germanium isotope measurements of 
high-temperature geothermal fluids 
using double-spike hydride generation MC-ICP-MS  • 
Christopher Siebert, Andy Ross and James McManus
Pages 3986-3995

Helium isotopes in ferromanganese crusts 
from the central Pacific Ocean  • 
S. Basu, F.M. Stuart, V. Klemm, 
G. Korschinek, K. Knie and J.R. Hein
Pages 3996-4006

Oxygen isotope measurements of individual 
unmelted Antarctic micrometeorites  • 
G. Matrajt, Y. Guan, L. Leshin, S. Taylor, 
M. Genge, D. Joswiak and D. Brownlee
Pages 4007-4018

Siderophile-element anomalies in CK carbonaceous 
chondrites: Implications for parent-body 
aqueous alteration and terrestrial 
weathering of sulfides  • 
Heinz Huber, Alan E. Rubin, 
Gregory W. Kallemeyn and John T. Wasson
Pages 4019-4037