Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1998, V 62, N 14.

pp 2409-2420
Paleoenvironmental interpretations of oxygen isotope ratios in oolitic
C Yapp

pp 2421-2427
Assessment of sea surface temperature variations in the Central North
Atlantic using the alkenone unsaturation index(Uk'37)
J Villanueva

pp 2429-2436
180 and REE contents of phosphatic brachiopods: A comparison between modern
and lower Paleozic populations
C Lecuyer

pp 2437-2450
Lithium isotope geochemistry of pore waters from ocean drilling program
sites 918 and 919, Irminger Basin
L Zhang

pp 2451-2461
Stable isotopes in modern ostrich eggshell: A calibration for
paleoenvironmental applications in semi-arid regions of southern Africa
BJ Johnson

pp 2463-2473
87Sr/86r ratios in modern and fossil food-webs of the Sterkfontein Valley:
Implications for early hominid habitat preference
A Sillen

pp 2475-2497
Geochronology of polygenetic monazites constrained by in situ electron
microprobe Th-U-total-Pb determination implications for Pb behaviour in
A Cochiere

pp 2499-2508
Determination of the partial molar volume of SiO2 in silicate liquids at
elevated pressures and temperatures: A new experimental appraosh
GA Gaetani

pp 2509-2520
Radiation damage in zircon and monazite
A Meldrum

pp 2521-2533
Noble gases in a anhydrous iherzolites from the newer volcanics, southern
Australis: a MORB-like reservoir in the subcontinetal mantle
T Matsumoto

pp 2535-2553
A petrologic and isotope study of winonaites: Evidence for early partial
melting, brecciation, and metamorphism
GK Benedix

pp 2555-2571
Xenon isotpoes in irradiated ALH84001: Evidence for schok-induced trappping
of anicent Martian atomsphere
J Gilmour

pp 2573-2582
Neon-E in CM-2 chondrite LEW90500 and collisional history of chondrites,
Maralin ga, and other CK chondrites
O Eugster