Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 14, 15 July.

Asian dustfall in the St. Elias Mountains, 
Yukon, Canada  • 
Christian Zdanowicz, Gwendy Hall, Judy Vaive, 
Yuri Amelin, Jeanne Percival, Isabelle Girard, 
Pierre Biscaye and Aloys Bory
Pages 3493-3507

Molecular models of alginic acid: Interactions
with calcium ions and calcite surfaces  • 
Thomas D. Perry IV, Randall T. Cygan and Ralph Mitchell
Pages 3508-3532

Groundwater N speciation and redox control of 
organic N mineralization by O2 reduction to H2O2  • 
John W. Washington, Robert C. Thomas, 
Dinku M. Endale, Katherine L. Schroer 
and Lidia P. Samarkina
Pages 3533-3548

Cation sorption on the muscovite (0 0 1) 
surface in chloride solutions using 
high-resolution X-ray reflectivity  • 
Michel L. Schlegel, Kathryn. L. Nagy, 
Paul Fenter, Likwan Cheng, Neil C. Sturchio 
and Steven D. Jacobsen
Pages 3549-3565

Molecular simulation of humic 
substance–Ca-montmorillonite complexes  • 
Rebecca Sutton and Garrison Sposito
Pages 3566-3581

The mechanisms of reduction of hexavalent 
chromium by green rust sodium sulphate: 
Formation of Cr-goethite  • 
L.L. Skovbjerg, S.L.S. Stipp, 
S. Utsunomiya and R.C. Ewing
Pages 3582-3592

Molecular scale investigations of the 
reactivity of magnetite with formic acid, 
pyridine, and carbon tetrachloride  • 
Richard S. Cutting, Chris A. Muryn, 
Geoffrey Thornton and David J. Vaughan
Pages 3593-3612

A combined FTIR and TPD study on the 
bulk and surface dehydroxylation and 
decarbonation of synthetic goethite  • 
Jean-Francois Boily, J?nos Szanyi 
and Andrew R. Felmy
Pages 3613-3624

Formation and evolution of carbonate 
chimneys at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field  • 
Kristin A. Ludwig, Deborah S. Kelley, 
David A. Butterfield, Bruce K. Nelson and 
Gretchen Fruh-Green
Pages 3625-3645

Bioaccumulation of gold by sulfate-reducing 
bacteria cultured in the presence of 
gold(I)-thiosulfate complex  • 
Maggy Lengke and Gordon Southam
Pages 3646-3661

Reductive biotransformation of Fe in 
shale–limestone saprolite containing 
Fe(III) oxides and Fe(II)/Fe(III) phyllosilicates  • 
Ravi K. Kukkadapu, John M. Zachara, 
James K. Fredrickson, James P. McKinley, 
David W. Kennedy, Steven C. Smith 
and Hailiang Dong
Pages 3662-3676

In situ iron isotope ratio determination 
using UV-femtosecond laser ablation with 
application to hydrothermal ore formation processes  • 
Ingo Horn, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg, 
Ronny Schoenberg, Grit Steinhoefel and Gregor Markl
Pages 3677-3688

Experimental determination of the stabilities 
of Au2S(cr) at 25 °C and at 25–250 °C  • 
B.R. Tagirov, N.N. Baranova, A.V. Zotov, 
J. Schott and L.N. Bannykh
Pages 3689-3701

Trace element geochemistry of the 1991 Mt. 
Pinatubo silicic melts, Philippines: 
Implications for ore-forming potential 
of adakitic magmatism  • 
Anastassia Yu. Borisova, Michel Pichavant, 
Mireille Polve, Michael Wiedenbeck, 
Remi Freydier and Frederic Candaudap
Pages 3702-3716

Trace element partitioning in plagioclase feldspar  • 
Jean H. B?dard
Pages 3717-3742

U–Pb, Hf and O isotope evidence for two 
episodes of fluid-assisted zircon growth 
in marble-hosted eclogites from the Dabie orogen  • 

Yuan-Bao Wu, Yong-Fei Zheng, Zi-Fu Zhao, 
Bing Gong, Xiaoming Liu and Fu-Yuan Wu
Pages 3743-3761 


Erratum to “Effects of photoirradiation on 
the adsorption of dissolved organic matter 
to goethite” [Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 68 
(2004) 3643–3656]  • 
Michael J. Pullin, Christina A. Progress 
and Patricia A. Maurice
Pages 3762-3763

Erratum to “Methylmercury cycling in 
sediments on the continental shelf of 
southern New England” [Geochim. Cosmochim. 
Acta 70–4 (2006) 918–930]  • 
Chad R. Hammerschmidt and William F. Fitzgerald
Page 3764

Announcement: 69th Annual Meeting of the 
Meteoritical Society  • 
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