Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1998, V 62, N 13, July.

pp 2223-2231
The role of pe, pH, and carbonate on the solubility if UO2 and uraninite
under nominally reducing conditions
I Casas

pp 2233-2245
The kinetics of mixed Ni-Al hydroxide formation on clay and aluminum oxide
materials:  A time resolved XAFS study
AM Scheidegger

pp 2247-2252
CO2-depleted fluids from mid-ocean ridge-flank hydrothermal springs
FJ Sansone

pp 2253-2264
Simultaneous formation of iron-rich layers at different redox boundaries in
sediments of the Amazon deep-sea FAN
S Kasten

pp 2265-2277
Oxygen isotope diffusion and zoning in diopside:  the importance of water
fugacity during cooling
KJ Edwards

pp 2279-2291
Potentiometric and solubility studies of association quotients of aluminum
malonate complexation in NaCl media to 75 degrees C
MK Ridley

pp 2293-2310
The petrogenesis of the eastern Pyrenean peridotes:  An integrated study of
their whole-rock geochemistry and Re-Os isotope composition
OM Burnham

pp 2311-2321
Noble gas constraints on the evolution of atomsphere-mantle system
K Kamijo

pp 2323-2333
Intense CH4 plumes generated by serpentinization of ultramafic rocks at the
intersection of the 15 degree 20'N fracture zone and the mid-Atlantic ridge
JL Charlou

pp 2335-2345
A noble gas study of cubic diamonds from Zaire:  Constraints on their
mantle source
N Wada

pp 2347-2368
Temporal-compositional-isotopic trends in rejuventaed-stage magmas of
Kauai, Hawaii, and implications for mantle melting processes
PW Reiners

pp 2369-2387
Noble gases, [81]Kr-Kr exposure ages and [244]Pu-Xe ages of six eucrites,
Bereba, Binds, Camel Donga, Juvinas, Millbillillie, and Stannern
YN Miura

pp 2389-2402
[41]Ca, [26]Al, and [10]Be in lunar basalt 74275 and [10]Be in the Double
Drive Tube 74002/74001
D Fink

pp 2403-2403
Dating scheelite stages: A strontium, neodymium, laed approach from the
Felbertal tungsten deposit, Central Alps, Austria
R Eichhorn

pp 2404-2404
Erratum to M. Ozima, B. Marty,a nd F. Podesek (1998) "Comparative studies
of solar, Q-gases and terrestrial noble gases, and implications on the
evolution of the solar nebula"
M Ozima

pp 2404-2404
Erratum to S.F. Murphy, S.L. Brantley, A.E. Blum, A.F. White, and H. Dong
(1998) " Chemical weathering in a tropical watershed, Luquillo Mountains,
Puerto Rico:II. rate and mechanism of biotie weathering
SF Murphy

pp 2405-2405
Erratum to J.M. Rosenbaum (1997) "Gaseous, liquid, and supercritical fluid
H2O and CO2:  Oxygen isotope fractionation behavior
JM Rosenbaum

pp 2405-2405
Erratum to A.baker, D. Genty, W. Dreybrodt, W.L. Barnes, N.J. Mockler, and
Jim Grapes (1998) "Testing theorertically predicted stalagmite growth rate
with recent annually laminated samples: Implications for past stalagmite
A Baker