Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 13, 1 July.

The impact of vegetation on REE fractionation 
in stream waters of a small forested catchment 
(the Strengbach case)  • 
P. Stille, M. Steinmann, M.-C. Pierret, 
F. Gauthier-Lafaye, F. Chabaux, D. Viville, 
L. Pourcelot, V. Matera, G. Aouad and D. Aubert
Pages 3217-3230

11B NMR investigation of boron interaction 
with mineral surfaces: Results for boehmite, 
silica gel and illite  • 
Yeongkyoo Kim and R. James Kirkpatrick
Pages 3231-3238

Trace element fractionation and transport 
in boreal rivers and soil porewaters of 
permafrost-dominated basaltic terrain 
in Central Siberia  • 
O.S. Pokrovsky, J. Schott and B. Dupre
Pages 3239-3260

Colloidal rare earth elements in a boreal 
river: Changing sources and distributions 
during the spring flood  • 
Karen Andersson, Ralf Dahlqvist, 
David Turner, Bjorn Stolpe, Tobias Larsson, 
Johan Ingri and Per Andersson
Pages 3261-3274

Paleo-ocean chemistry records in marine opal: 
Implications for fluxes of trace elements, 
cosmogenic nuclides (10Be and 26Al), 
and biological productivity  • 
D. Lal, C. Charles, L. Vacher, J.N. Goswami, 
A.J.T. Jull, L. McHargue and R.C. Finkel
Pages 3275-3289 

The saturation state of the world’s ocean 
with respect to (Ba,Sr)SO4 solid solutions  • 
Christophe Monnin and Damien Cividini
Pages 3290-3298

Quantitative antimony speciation in 
shooting-range soils by EXAFS spectroscopy  • 
Andreas C. Scheinost, Andre Rossberg, 
Delphine Vantelon, Irene Xifra, 
Ruben Kretzschmar, Ann-Kathrin Leuz, 
Harald Funke and C. Annette Johnson
Pages 3299-3312

Drying effects on sorption capacity of 
coastal sediment: The importance of 
architecture and polarity of organic matter  • 
Zhanfei Liu and Cindy Lee
Pages 3313-3324

Experimental study of germanium adsorption 
on goethite and germanium coprecipitation
with iron hydroxide: X-ray absorption 
fine structure and macroscopic characterization  • 
O.S. Pokrovsky, G.S. Pokrovski, 
J. Schott and A. Galy
Pages 3325-3341

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies 
of dolomite surfaces exposed to undersaturated 
and supersaturated aqueous solutions  • 
Xiaoming Hu, Pratik Joshi, 
Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay and Steven R. Higgins
Pages 3342-3350

Oil-generation kinetics for organic facies 
with Type-II and -IIS kerogen in the 
Menilite Shales of the Polish Carpathians  • 
M.D. Lewan, M.J. Kotarba, J.B. Curtis, 
D. Wieclaw and P. Kosakowski
Pages 3351-3368

A thermodynamic model for calculating 
methane solubility, density and gas phase 
composition of methane-bearing aqueous 
fluids from 273 to 523 K and from 
1 to 2000 bar  • 
Zhenhao Duan and Shide Mao
Pages 3369-3386

Germanium isotopic variations in igneous 
rocks and marine sediments  • 
Olivier Rouxel, Albert Galy and Henry Elderfield
Pages 3387-3400

Subduction and melting processes inferred 
from U-Series, Sr–Nd–Pb isotope, and trace 
element data, Bicol and Bataan arcs, Philippines  • 
S. Andrew DuFrane, Yemane Asmerom, 
Samuel B. Mukasa, Julie D. Morris 
and Brian M. Dreyer
Pages 3401-3420

Trace element partitioning between type 
B CAI melts and melilite and spinel: 
Implications for trace element 
distribution during CAI formation  • 
C.C. Lundstrom, A.L. Sutton, 
M. Chaussidon, W.F. McDonough and R. Ash
Pages 3421-3435

Search for nucleosynthetic and radiogenic 
tellurium isotope anomalies in 
carbonaceous chondrites  • 
Manuela A. Fehr, Mark Rehkamper, 
Alex N. Halliday, Maria Schonbachler, 
Bodo Hattendorf and Detlef Gunther
Pages 3436-3448

Regolith history of the aubritic 
meteorite parent body revealed by 
neutron capture effects on Sm and Gd isotopes  • 
Hiroshi Hidaka, Shigekazu Yoneda and Kurt Marti
Pages 3449-3456

Heat-producing elements in the lunar mantle: 
Insights from ion microprobe analyses of 
lunar pyroclastic glasses  • 
Justin J. Hagerty, Charles K. Shearer 
and David T. Vaniman
Pages 3457-3476

An experimental study of anorthosite 
dissolution in lunar picritic magmas: 
Implications for crustal assimilation processes  • 
Zachary Morgan, Yan Liang and Paul Hess
Pages 3477-3491

Announcement: 69th Annual Meeting of the 
Meteoritical Society  • 
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