Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 12, 15 June.

BrO formation in volcanic plumes  • 
Clive Oppenheimer, Vitchko I. Tsanev, 
Christine F. Braban, Richard A. Cox, 
Jonathan W. Adams, Alessandro Aiuppa, 
Nicole Bobrowski, Pierre Delmelle, 
Jenni Barclay and Andrew J.S. McGonigle
Pages 2935-2941

Solubility products of amorphous ferric 
arsenate and crystalline scorodite 
(FeAsO4 · 2H2O) and their application 
to arsenic behavior in buried mine tailings  • 
Donald Langmuir, John Mahoney and John Rowson
Pages 2942-2956

Restructuring of polygalacturonate on 
alumina upon hydration—Effect on 
phosphate sorption kinetics  • 
Christian Mikutta, Jaane Kruger, 
Gabriele E. Schaumann and Friederike Lang
Pages 2957-2969

Amino acid biogeo- and stereochemistry 
in coastal Chilean sediments  • 
Bente Aa. Lomstein, Bo B. Jorgensen, 
Carsten J. Schubert and Jutta Niggemann
Pages 2970-2989

Characterization of a major refractory 
component of marine dissolved organic matter  • 
Norbert Hertkorn, Ronald Benner, 
Moritz Frommberger, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, 
Matthias Witt, Karl Kaiser, 
Antonius Kettrup and John I. Hedges
Pages 2990-3010

Iron isotope fractionation during 
hydrothermal ore deposition and alteration  • 
Gregor Markl, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg 
and Thomas Wagner
Pages 3011-3030

Laser microprobe (U–Th)/He geochronology  • 
J.W. Boyce, K.V. Hodges, W.J. Olszewski, 
M.J. Jercinovic, B.D. Carpenter and P.W. Reiners
Pages 3031-3039

In situ SHRIMP U–Pb dating of monazite 
integrated with petrology and textures: 
Does bulk composition control whether 
monazite forms in low-Ca pelitic rocks 
during amphibolite facies metamorphism?  • 
Birger Rasmussen, Janet R. Muhling, 
Ian R. Fletcher and Michael T.D. Wingate
Pages 3040-3058

Temperature independent thermal 
expansivities of calcium aluminosilicate 
melts between 1150 and 1973 K in the 
system anorthite–wollastonite–gehlenite 
(An–Wo–Geh): A density model  • 
Marcel Potuzak, Mette Solvang and 
Donald B. Dingwell
Pages 3059-3074

Metamorphic fluid flow in the 
northeastern part of the 3.8–3.7 Ga 
Isua Greenstone Belt (SW Greenland): 
A re-evalution of fluid inclusion 
evidence for early Archean 
seafloor-hydrothermal systems  • 
Wouter Heijlen, Peter W.U. Appel, 
Maria-Luce Frezzotti, Andy Horsewell 
and Jacques L.R. Touret
Pages 3075-3095

Evidence from Antarctic mantle peridotite 
xenoliths for changes in mineralogy, 
geochemistry and geothermal gradients 
beneath a developing rift  • 
S.F. Foley, A.V. Andronikov, 
D.E. Jacob and S. Melzer
Pages 3096-3120

Redox equilibria of iron and silicate 
melt structure: Implications for 
olivine/melt element partitioning  • 
Bjorn O. Mysen
Pages 3121-3138

Kinetic isotope effect during 
reduction of iron from a silicate melt  • 
B.A. Cohen, S. Levasseur, B. Zanda, 
R.H. Hewins and A.N. Halliday
Pages 3139-3148

Silica and pyroxene in IVA irons; 
possible formation of the IVA magma 
by impact melting and reduction of
L-LL-chondrite materials followed 
by crystallization and cooling  • 
John T. Wasson, Yoshiyuki Matsunami 
and Alan E. Rubin
Pages 3149-3172

Apatite as a probe of halogen and 
water fugacities in the terrestrial planets  • 
Alberto E. Patino Douce and Michael Roden
Pages 3173-3196

Metallographic cooling rates 
of the IIIAB iron meteorites  • 
Jijin Yang and Joseph I. Goldstein
Pages 3197-3215

Announcement: 69th Annual Meeting of the 
Meteoritical Society  • ANNOUNCEMENT
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