Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 11, 1 June.

Temporal and spatial distribution and production
of dissolved gaseous mercury in the Bay 
St. Francois wetland, in the St. Lawrence River, 
Quebec, Canada  • 
Edenise Garcia, Jerome Laroulandie, 
Xavier R. Saint-Simon and Marc Amyot
Pages 2665-2678

Metal ion binding to iron oxides  • 
M. Ponthieu, F. Juillot, T. Hiemstra, 
W.H. van Riemsdijk and M.F. Benedetti
Pages 2679-2698

Seasonal water-column dynamics of dissolved 
inorganic carbon stable isotopic 
compositions (b13CDIC) in small hardwater 
lakes in Minnesota and Montana  • 
A. Myrbo and M.D. Shapley
Pages 2699-2714

The long-term fate of Cu2+, Zn2+, and Pb2+
adsorption complexes at the calcite surface: 
An X-ray absorption spectroscopy study  • 
Evert J. Elzinga, Ashaki A. Rouff and 
Richard J. Reeder
Pages 2715-2725

In situ investigation of dissolution of 
heavy metal containing mineral ps 
in an acidic forest soil  • 
Andreas Birkefeld, Rainer Schulin 
and Bernd Nowack
Pages 2726-2736

The short term climatic sensitivity of 
carbonate and silicate weathering fluxes: 
Insight from seasonal variations in river chemistry  • 
Edward T. Tipper, Mike J. Bickle, Albert Galy, 
A. Joshua West, Catherine Pomies and Hazel J. Chapman
Pages 2737-2754

Mechanism of aluminum release from variable 
charge soils induced by low-molecular-weight 
organic acids: Kinetic study  • 
Jiuyu Li, Renkou Xu, Diwakar Tiwari 
and Guoliang Ji
Pages 2755-2764

Contributions from glacially derived 
sediment to the global iron (oxyhydr)oxide 
cycle: Implications for iron 
delivery to the oceans  • 
Rob Raiswell, Martyn Tranter, Liane G. Benning, 
Martin Siegert, Ros De’ath, 
Philippe Huybrechts and Tony Payne
Pages 2765-2780

Calcification rate and the stable carbon, 
oxygen, and nitrogen isotopes in the skeleton,
host tissue, and zooxanthellae of bleached
and recovering Hawaiian corals  • 
Lisa J. Rodrigues and Andrea G. Grottoli
Pages 2781-2789

Enhancement and inhibition of iron 
photoreduction by individual ligands 
in open ocean seawater  • 
Micha J.A. Rijkenberg, Loes J.A. Gerringa, 
Vicky E. Carolus, Ilona Velzeboer 
and Hein J.W. de Baar
Pages 2790-2805

Late Holocene radiocarbon and aspartic 
acid racemization dating of deep-sea octocorals  • 
Owen A. Sherwood, David B. Scott 
and Michael J. Risk
Pages 2806-2814

Origin and fluxes of atmospheric REE 
entering an ombrotrophic peat bog in 
Black Forest (SW Germany): Evidence 
from snow, lichens and mosses  • 
Dominique Aubert, Gael Le Roux, 
Michael Krachler, Andriy Cheburkin, 
Bernd Kober, William Shotyk and Peter Stille
Pages 2815-2826

Oxygen isotope analyses of fine silica 
grains using laser-extraction technique: 
Comparison with oxygen isotope data 
obtained from ion microprobe analyses 
and application to quartzite and 
silcrete cement investigation  • 
Anne Alexandre, Isabelle Basile-Doelsch, 
Corinne Sonzogni, Florence Sylvestre, 
Claude Parron, Jean-Dominique Meunier 
and Fabrice Colin
Pages 2827-2835

Organic matter mineralization in sediment 
of a coastal freshwater lake and response
to salinization  • 
Richard W. Canavan, Caroline P. Slomp, 
Parisa Jourabchi, Philippe Van Cappellen, 
Anniet M. Laverman and Gerard A. van den Berg
Pages 2836-2855

Unusual C35 and C36 alkenones in a 
paleoceanographic benchmark strain of 
Emiliania huxleyi  • 
Fredrick G. Prahl, Jean-Francois Rontani, 
John K. Volkman, Margaret A. Sparrow 
and Ida M. Royer
Pages 2856-2867

Quantification of water content and 
speciation in natural silicic glasses 
(phonolite, dacite, rhyolite) by confocal
microRaman spectrometry  • 
A. Di Muro, B. Villemant, G. Montagnac, 
B. Scaillet and B. Reynard
Pages 2868-2884

Geochemical evolution of a shallow magma 
plumbing system during the last 500 years, 
Miyakejima volcano, Japan: Constraints 
from 238U–230Th–226Ra systematics  • 
Tetsuya Yokoyama, Takeshi Kuritani, 
Katsura Kobayashi and Eizo Nakamura
Pages 2885-2901

Dual speciation of nitrogen in silicate 
melts at high pressure and temperature: 
An experimental study  • 
Mathieu Roskosz, Bjorn O. Mysen and 
George D. Cody
Pages 2902-2918

Light lithophile elements in pyroxenes 
of Northwest Africa (NWA) 817 and other 
Martian meteorites: Implications for 
water in Martian magmas  • 
Allan H. Treiman, Donald S. Musselwhite, 
Christopher D.K. Herd and Jr., 
Charles K. Shearer
Pages 2919-2934