Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1998, V 62, N 10, May.

pp. 1657-1676
The fluvial geochemistry of the rivers of eastern Siberia:  I. Tributaries of
the Leno River draining the sedimentary platform of the Siberian Craton
Y Huh

pp. 1677-1689
Proton surface determination in spodosol horizons with organically bound
U Skyllberg

pp. 1691-1698
Calcium isotopes in the marine environment and the oceanic calcium cycle
P Zhu

pp. 1699-1720
Genetic and temporal relations between formation waters and biogenic methane:
Upper Devonian Antrim Shale, Michigan Basin, USA
AM Martini

pp. 1721-1733
The strontium isotopic composition of ordovician and silurian brachiopods and
condonots:  Relationships to geological events and implications for coeval
H Qing

pp. 1735-1744
Causes and implications of the middle REE depletion in the Eolian Component of
North Pacific sediment
ET Weber

pp. 1745-1756
Thermadynamic control on hydrogen concentrations in anoxic sediments
TM Hoehler

pp. 1757-1772
Calibration of the alkenone paleotemperature index U[K]37 based on core-tops
from the eastern South Atlantic and the global ocean (60 degrees N-60 degess S)
PJ Muller

pp. 1773-1780
Simultaneous dissolution of hydroxylapatite and precipitation of
hydroxypyromorphite:  Direct evidence of homogeneous nucleation
SK Lower

pp. 1781-1801
Mineral-aqueous fluid partitioning of trace elements at 900-1200 degrees C and
3.0 Gpa:  New experimental data for garnet, clinopyroxene and rutile and
implications for mantle metasomatism
R Stalder

pp. 1803-1809
Oxygen site exchange kinetics observed with solid state NMR in a natiral zeolite
Z Xu

pp. 1811-1820
Redox state of Earth's upper mantle periotiter under the ancient cratons and its
connection with diamonf genesis
SK Simakov

pp. 1821-1828
Delta[13]C of free and macromolecular aromatic structures in the Murchison
MA Sephton

pp. 1829-1835
Relative abundances of argon, krypton, and xenon in the Martian atmosphere as
measured in Martian meteorites
DD Bogard