Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 2006, V 70, N 10, 15 May.

Identifying the ?18O signature of precipitation 
in grass cellulose and phytoliths: 
Refining the paleoclimate model  • 
Elizabeth A. Webb and Frederick J. Longstaffe
Pages 2417-2426

Prediction of the speciation of alkaline
earths adsorbed on mineral 
surfaces in salt solutions  • 
Dimitri A. Sverjensky
Pages 2427-2453

Paleowaters in Silurian-Devonian carbonate
aquifers: Geochemical evolution of groundwater
in the Great Lakes region since the 
Late Pleistocene  • 
J.C. McIntosh and L.M. Walter
Pages 2454-2479

Speciation of volatile arsenic at geothermal
features in Yellowstone National Park  • 
Britta Planer-Friedrich, Corinne Lehr, 
Jorg Matschullat, Broder J. Merkel, 
Darrell Kirk Nordstrom and Mark W. Sandstrom
Pages 2480-2491

Uranyl adsorption and surface speciation
at the imogolite–water interface: Self-consistent
spectroscopic and surface complexation models  • 
Yuji Arai, M. McBeath, J.R. Bargar, 
J. Joye and J.A. Davis
Pages 2492-2509

Preferential formation of 13C–18O bonds 
in carbonate minerals, estimated using 
first-principles lattice dynamics  • 
Edwin A. Schauble, Prosenjit Ghosh and John M. Eiler
Pages 2510-2529

Inhibition of calcite precipitation by 
orthophosphate: Speciation and 
thermodynamic considerations  • 
Yi-Pin Lin and Philip C. Singer
Pages 2530-2539

Part I. Decrepitation and degassing 
behaviour of quartz up to 1560 °C: 
Analysis of noble gases and halogens 
in complex fluid inclusion assemblages  • 
M.A. Kendrick, D. Phillips and J.McL. Miller
Pages 2540-2561

Part II. Evaluation of 40Ar–39Ar quartz ages: 
Implications for fluid inclusion retentivity
and determination of initial 40Ar/36Ar 
values in Proterozoic samples  • 
M.A. Kendrick, J.McL. Miller and D. Phillips
Pages 2562-2576

Influence of glass composition and alteration 
solution on leached silicate glass structure: 
A solid-state NMR investigation  • 
Frederic Angeli, Marina Gaillard, 
Patrick Jollivet and Thibault Charpentier
Pages 2577-2590

Experimental study of platinum solubility
in silicate melt to 14 GPa and 2273 K: 
Implications for accretion and core formation in Earth  • 
Werner Ertel, Michael J. Walter, 
Michael J. Drake and Paul J. Sylvester
Pages 2591-2602

Igneous rims on micrometeorites  • 
Matthew J. Genge
Pages 2603-2621

Crystallization of melilite from 
CMAS-liquids and the formation of the 
melilite mantle of Type B1 CAIs: 
Experimental simulations  • 
Ruslan A. Mendybaev, Frank M. Richter 
and Andrew M. Davis
Pages 2622-2642

Large thallium isotopic variations 
in iron meteorites and evidence for 
lead-205 in the early solar system  • 
Sune G. Nielsen, Mark Rehk?mper and 
Alex N. Halliday
Pages 2643-2657

Comment on "Stable carbon isotopes 
in freshwater mussel shells: 
Environmental record or marker for 
metabolic activity?" by J. Geist et al. (2005)  •
Bernd R. Schone, David L. Rodland, 
Donna M. Surge, Jens Fiebig, 
David P. Gillikin, Sven M. Baier and Ann Goewert
Pages 2658-2661

Response to the comment by B. Schone et al. 
(2006) on "Stable carbon isotopes in 
freshwater mussel shells: Environmental 
record or marker for metabolic activity?"  • 
Juergen Geist, Karl Auerswald and Arnoud Boom
Pages 2662-2664

Announcement: 69th Annual Meeting of 
the Meteoritical Society  • ANNOUNCEMENT
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