Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2007, V 251, N 2, 15 February.

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Resistivity-viscosity relationship in
liquid-liquid critical mixtures with added ions  • 
Emna Cherif and Moncef Bouanz
Pages 71-77

Volumetric properties of the ternary system 
ethanol + chloroform + benzene at temperature 
range (288.15–313.15) K: Experimental data, 
correlation and prediction by cubic EOS  • 
Mirjana Lj. Kijevcanin, Slobodan P. Serbanovic, 
Ivona R. Radovic, Bojan D. Djordjevic 
and Aleksandar Z. Tasic
Pages 78-92

Partition of compounds from gas to water and 
from gas to physiological saline at 310 K: 
Linear free energy relationships  • 
Michael H. Abraham, Adam Ibrahim and 
Jr., William E. Acree
Pages 93-109

Spectroscopic investigations on the 
binding of ammonium salt of 
8-anilino-1-naphthalene sulfonic acid 
with non-ionic surfactant micelles 
in aqueous media  • 
Stephanie A. Moore, Adam A. Harris 
and Rama M. Palepu
Pages 110-113

High-pressure phase behavior of the 
ternary system CO2 + ionic liquid 
[bmim][PF6] + naphthalene  • 
Dongbao Fu, Xuewen Sun, Yanhua Qiu, 
Xiaohui Jiang and Suoqi Zhao
Pages 114-120

On the interpretation of ternary 
diffusion measurements in low-molecular 
weight fluids by dynamic light scattering  • 
Andre Bardow
Pages 121-127

Effect of bromine substitution on the 
solubility of gases in hydrocarbons 
and fluorocarbons  • 
Margarida F. Costa Gomes, Johnny Deschamps 
and Agilio A.H. Padua
Pages 128-136

Activity coefficients of rubidium 
chloride and cesium chloride in 
methanol-water mixtures and a 
comparative study of Pitzer and 
Pitzer-Simonson-Clegg models (298.15 K)  • 
Rui-Fang Cui, Man-Cheng Hu, 
Li-Hua Jin, Shu-Ni Li, Yu-Cheng Jiang 
and Shu-Ping Xia
Pages 137-144

Raman spectroscopic studies on 
methane + tetrafluoromethane
mixed-gas hydrate system  • 
Yuuki Kunita, Takashi Makino, 
Takeshi Sugahara and Kazunari Ohgaki
Pages 145-148

Experimental isobaric vapour–liquid–liquid 
equilibrium data for the quaternary systems 
water (1)–ethanol (2)–acetone (3)–n-butyl 
acetate (4) and water (1)–ethanol 
(2)–acetone (3)–methyl ethyl ketone 
(4) and their partially miscible-constituent ternaries  • 
O.A.D. Younis, D.W. Pritchard and M.M. Anwar
Pages 149-160

Experimental (solid + liquid) phase 
equilibria of (alkan-1-ol + benzonitrile), 
(amine + benzonitrile) binary mixtures,
and (decan-1-ol + decylamine + benzonitrile)
ternary mixtures  • 
Urszula Domanska and Malgorzata Marciniak
Pages 161-166

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