Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 248, N 2, 20 October.

A thermodynamic model for calculating 
nitrogen solubility, gas phase 
composition and density of the 
N2–H2O–NaCl system  • 
Shide Mao and Zhenhao Duan
Pages 103-114

Second-order thermodynamic derivative 
properties of selected mixtures by 
the soft-SAFT equation of state  • 
F. Llovell, C.J. Peters and L.F. Vega
Pages 115-122

Experimental and statistical mechanical 
studies of heats of dilution of alkanols 
in pyridine derivatives based on ab 
initio calculations of hydrogen 
bonding energies  • 
Andreas Heintz, Dirk Wandschneider, 
Ulrich Luning and Wojciech Marczak
Pages 123-133

Molecular simulation of structure and 
thermodynamic properties of pure 
tri- and tetra-ethylene glycols 
and their aqueous mixtures  • 
Efthimia A. Tritopoulou and 
Ioannis G. Economou
Pages 134-146

Objective functions analysis in 
the minimization of binary VLE 
data for asymmetric mixtures 
at high pressures  • 
Jimmy A. Lopez, Victor M. Trejos 
and Carlos A. Cardona
Pages 147-157

Solubility of CO2 in water + 
diethanolamine + N-methyldiethanolamine  • 
Madhusree Kundu and S.S. Bandyopadhyay
Pages 158-167

Vapor–liquid equilibria for nitrogen 
with 2-hexanol, 2-heptanol, or 
2-octanol binary systems  • 
Wen-Lu Weng, Jui-Tang Chen, 
Ji-Sheng Chang and Su-Lien Chang
Pages 168-173

Liquid–liquid equilibria of aqueous 
mixtures containing selected dibasic 
esters and/or methanol  • 
Shih-Bo Hung, Ho-Mu Lin, Cheng-Ching Yu, 
Hsiao-Ping Huang and Ming-Jer Lee
Pages 174-180

Thermodynamics of isomeric 
hexynes + MTBE binary mixtures  • 
Ghenima Boukais-Belaribi, 
Brahim Farid Belaribi, 
Ahmed Ait-Kaci and Jacques Jose
Pages 181-190

Vapor–liquid critical properties 
of multi-component mixtures 
containing carbon dioxide and n-alkanes  • 
Delin Qiu, Jinyan Fu, Jun Cai, 
Changjun Peng, Honglai Liu and Ying Hu
Pages 191-196

Vapor–liquid equilibria for binary 
and ternary mixtures of diisopropyl 
ether, ethanol, and 
2,2,4-trimethylpentane at 101.3 kPa  • 
Hsu-Chen Ku and Chein-Hsiun Tu
Pages 197-205

Vapour–liquid–liquid and vapour–liquid 
equilibrium of the system water + 
ethanol + heptane at 101.3 kPa  • 
Vicente Gomis, Alicia Font and 
Maria Dolores Saquete
Pages 206-210

Micropolarity and aggregation behavior 
in ionic liquid + organic solvent solutions  • 
Wenjing Li, Zhaofu Zhang, Jianling Zhang, 
Buxing Han, Bo Wang, Minqiang Hou and Ye Xie
Pages 211-216
Short communication 

Initialization of vapor–liquid equilibrium
constants for non-hydrocarbon liquid 
phases  • 
Claude F. Leibovici
Pages 217-218

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