Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 245, N 2, 10 August.

Excess enthalpies of binary mixtures of
2-ethoxyethanol with four hydrocarbons
at 298.15, 308.15, and 318.15 K: 
An experimental and theoretical study  • 
Doukeni Missopolinou, Ioannis Tsivintzelis 
and Costas Panayiotou
Pages 89-101

Nematic-isotropic phase behaviours of 
polydisperse polymer/liquid crystal 
systems: Applicability of continuous 
thermodynamics  • 
Jung Jin Choi and Young Chan Bae
Pages 102-108

Density calculation using GMA equation 
of state considering mixing and combining 
rules for some liquid mixtures  • 
Elaheh K. Goharshadi and Majid Moosavi
Pages 109-116

Phase behavior of binary mixture of 
asphaltene + solvent and ternary 
mixture of asphaltene + solvent + precipitant  • 
Hamid Sh. Orangi, Hamid Modarress, 
A. Fazlali and M.H. Namazi
Pages 117-124

Volumetric behavior of water–methanol 
mixtures in the vicinity of the critical region  • 
Ephraim Bulemela, Peter Tremaine and 
Shun-ichi Ikawa
Pages 125-133

The partition coefficients of ethylene 
between vapor and hydrate phase for 
methane + ethylene + THF + water systems  • 
L.-W. Zhang, G.-J. Chen, C.-Y. Sun, 
Y.-M. Ding and L.-Y. Yang
Pages 134-139

Comparison of two modeling approaches 
for describing intra-diffusion in liquid 
Lennard–Jones mixtures containing a 
self-associating component  • 
Danijel Babic and Andreas Pfennig
Pages 140-148

Excess molar volumes of ternary mixtures 
of 1,3-dichlorobenzene and methyl ethyl 
ketone with 1-alkanols at 303.15 K  • 
Jalari Rajasekhar and Kasibhatta Sivakumar
Pages 149-154

Experimental vapor pressure data and 
a vapor pressure equation for fluoroethane (HFC-161)  • 
Xiao-long Cui, Guang-ming Chen, 
Xiao-hong Han and Qin Wang
Pages 155-157

Description of intra-diffusion in 
liquid mixtures  • 
Pages 158-167
Tatiana Merzliak, Irene Bartusseck, 
Siegfried Stapf, Mihai Adrian Voda,
Bernhard Blumich and Andreas Pfennig

Thermodynamics of 1-alkanol + 
cyclic ether mixtures  • 
Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Ismael Mozo, 
Isaias Garcia, De La Fuente, 
Jose Carlos Cobos and Vladimir A. Durov
Pages 168-184

Thermodynamic equations of state 
from molecular solvation  • 
Shiang-Tai Lin
Pages 185-192

Solubility of carbon dioxide in 
binary and ternary mixtures 
with ethanol and water  • 
I. Dalmolin, E. Skovroinski, 
A. Biasi, M.L. Corazza, C. Dariva 
and J. Vladimir Oliveira
Pages 193-200

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